10 de las Mejores aplicaciones MacOS e iOS de 2018

It’s the end of the year, and 2018 is coming to an end. Over the past few months, we have highlighted several useful applications for Mac and iOS that we have chosen as favorites.

MacOS and iOS applications

Paste ($ 14.99) – Paste is a copy and paste manager that keeps track of and organize all the files, photos, URLs, and text fragments that you have copied and pasted on your Mac. Paste is described as a kind of Machine of Time for your clipboard, as it saves everything and offers a robust search capability so you can always find what you are looking for. Pinewood boards also give you access to the things you copy and paste often, while custom shortcuts make it easier to copy and paste. Paste is a Mac App Store application, but a free trial version is also available on the Paste website.

Station (Free) – Station is an application designed for ARS and add all your web applications in an easily accessible place. Instead of having dozens of tabs open with things like Gmail, Twitter, Instagram and Slack, you can relocate them all in Station for more strategy and more agile access. Station is a web browser that has a better distribution to access web applications.

Songs ($ 9.99) – chants It is a niche application, but it is useful for artists, designers, interior decorators, application developers, and other content creators who like to create and maintain color palettes. Sip allows you to create and organize color palettes that can be accessed right in the menu bar of your Mac and shared for all of your favorite design applications such as Photoshop, Xcode, Illustrator, Drawing and more. Choosing colors from any font is as simple as pressing a key, and a set of colors makes all your palettes easily available.

Barman 3 ($ 15) – barner 3 It is a popular Mac application that allows you to rearrange and hide icons in the bar menu of your Mac. With barman, you can put the bar menu items that you most frequently used front and center, while minimizing all the rest behind the barman icon For a more rational menu bar.

NightOwl (Free) – NightOwl is a super simple Mac application that is designed to give you more control over the Dark mode. Add a Dark Mode to the bar menu so you can activate and deactivate Dark Mode without opening the System Preferences. You can also set the Dark Mode to a timer or when the sun goes down using NightOwl.

Procreate ($ 9.99) – Procreate is a popular and well known, sketch, drawing and painting application. Because it has been available on the iPad for years, the elector’s team has had a lot of time to make improvements and improvements to the application, making it the home for many artists working on the iPad. It has been optimized for Apple pencil, so you can create artwork with the Apple pen. It features customizable brushes, support for layers and a 64-bit paint engine that supports high-resolution artwork.

LumaFusion ($ 19.99) – if you want to edit video on an iPad but want more than just iMovie, LumaFusion is a powerful video editing option that you’ll want to take a look at. Using LumaFusion, you can do everything you can do with a Desktop application, such as trimming clips, adding transitions, correcting color, adding effects and titles, audio, and using slow motion, advancing strategy, and reverting.

Bear (Free) – Bear It is a writing, coding and note taking application that has a simple interface and a set of rich features. It is available on iOS and Mac devices, and offers Apple Pencil support, pending tasks, multiple export options, an advanced markup editor with support for more than 20 programming languages, SmartData recognition, online images and photos, hashtags for the organization, and much more. Bear is free to download, but if you want to synchronize your notes between your devices, unlock themes, and use advanced export options, you will have to pay $ 1.49 per month or $ 14.99 per year for a subscription.

The Odyssey of High ($ 4.99) – the Odyssey of High is the highly anticipated sequel to the popular adventure game of High 2015. Like the original, the Odyssey of High is an endless runner with gorgeous graphics, but this time it takes out in the sand instead of the snow.

Grimvalor ($ 5.99) – Grimvalor, from the team that developed the popular game Swordigo, is a traditional platform game hack n ‘slash with solid virtual controls, great graphics, and a lot of content to pass. As with most games of this type, the idea is to fight the monsters, explore the dungeons, and collect loot to progress through the story. Grimvalor costs $ 5.99, and there are no additional purchases in the application.