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The Wide And Various Reasons Why People KISS

Why_americal_kissEveryone dreams of that perfect moment to hold a beloved one close to them and kiss them in a way that they feel wanted! Call it a kiss, lip locking, smooch, peck or anything else, kissing is the most amazing and beautiful way to express your feelings of love and affection for a person!

Ever wondered why people kiss? Why all the love stories start with that kiss that makes you go “awww”? Yes of course kissing is a way to express your love and passion for your special one but you will be surprised to know about the scientific reasons why people kiss!!

“The word Kiss is derived from cyssan and old English word and from kussijanan or causes which is a Proto-Germanic word and is in all probability based on the kind of sound that one makes while kissing. Even the four Vedas of Sanskrit written in around 1500 B.C. have writings about kissing. The book kama sutra describes over [highlight]30 ways of kissing[/highlight], such as fighting off the tongue. It’s a well-known fact that [highlight]kissing burns a good amount of calories[/highlight] and releases good hormones which help in the management of stress. The most significant muscle in the process of kissing will be orbicularis Oris, which helps lips to crumple.

Kissing helps in the release of the pleasure hormone, dopamine which induces a feeling of excitement and desire. And it’s pretty surprising that if you kiss the same person multiple times, it helps in the release of a hormone called oxytocin, which in turn induces a sense of bonding and attachment, now that’s precisely why you feel so NICE while kissing your beloved!

Mouth is a very vital part of the human body and it is very active. In fact, [highlight]lips are 100 times more sensitive[/highlight] than the tips of our fingers, Even as infants we use our mouths to chew things, make noises, feed and since those very childhood days we relate mouth as a way to express ourselves, our feelings and attachment. And, it’s interesting to note that most people, about 90% tilt their heads towards right while kissing.


The branch of science which studies the art of kissing is called PHILEMATOLOGY. Science explains that even animals use their mouth to show affection to their kids and mates, this is the reason why they lions lick the heads of their cubs and why “rubbing of nose” is common among animals. In fact, the bonobo species of monkey feeds its infant from its mouth. They also kiss frequently to relieve stress, make friends and in the mating process.

Surprisingly, this species of bonobo monkey are very closely related to humans as it shares almost the same kind of DNA. Even scientists believe humans started this art of lip locking when the mothers used to chew food for their tooth- less infants and used to pass it to their mouth from theirs. This is a very well-known and accepted theory about the origin of this art of expressing love. This shows the tenderness and affection one shares when kissing as it being originated from the purest of relations between a child and a mother.


Kissing is indeed very important for the bonding of two people in a relationship. Most of the couples accept that they started their relationship or rather expressed their feelings for the very first time by kissing the person they have been having feelings for. Kissing your partner makes them feel special and loved, in fact kissing is something which makes the love of your life feel wanted. And c’mon who doesn’t want to feel wanted? Doesn’t your heart stop when you think about getting kissed by your love in the rain? This is one of the best feeling in the word, being held by the love of your life under the wide sky pouring out its love and you are expressing your partner how much you love him or her all through this small physical touch.

Kissing is not only a kind of physical contact between two people. It is actually something way beyond that, it has to do with the feelings of two people in love, and it is a symbol of affection and admiration. Of course we can see that when a mother plant a kiss on the cheeks of her beautiful little baby. Since childhood we observe and learn that kissing is a way to express one’s love for one’s beloved. It is the expression of how much and to what extent you love someone. To close your eyes while kissing indicates that you are so in love with the person that you do not need to see or say anything, everything is being said or seen through the expression itself.

Kissing is probably the only gesture of expressing love which has always been included in the fairy tales that little children read, there are numerous instances where the gesture of kissing has been put in the limelight for example when the sleeping beauty was put on the spell by the evil witch, that she would lie asleep until and unless a prince comes by, and kisses her and hence break the spell. The story of the frog prince also emphasizes on this very divine gesture of expressing love as the frog would turn into a handsome prince only when he gets kissed by the princess who is the true love of his life. There are endless stories about how a simple kiss turned the whole world around for two people who are in love. Love seems to be the most important reason behind kissing in all sorts. Be it motherly love or the love of couples, kissing always symbolizes love and this happens to be the most important reason behind it.

In many countries people believe if they kiss their partner at the midnight stroke of 31st of December, their love is bound to last throughout the whole year. Also, research states that most of the women would want to kiss their partners before going into bed with them, kissing women before going into bed with them works like an accelerator for their emotions. Scientific study shows that there is an upcoming trend around the whole world according to which, people love to kiss their best friends irrespective of their gender.

Teenagers explain it as a gesture to express ‘how fond they are of their friends’ and they also accept the fact that kissing their best friends irrespective of their sex helps them bond better. This trend, though sounds weird is spreading throughout the whole world. Kissing is also a result of immense hormones flowing through the teenagers’ body which drives their sexual aspect to maximum and leads to kissing of their partner. This in fact is true in case of most human beings. Kissing forms an important part of foreplay before sexual intercourse and leads to people “turning on” for the act.

‘And in that moment I swear we were infinite’ is what people describe about their feelings when asked about how they felt while kissing someone. Kissing is that form of expressing one’s feeling for their beloved which will definitely never ever go out of trend. It is something which time cannot change, it has been the most divine way of expressing one’s feelings and will always be.


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