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Time to understand about open relationship

about_open_relationshipTime to understand what an open relationship is all about…

Trust, truth and the bond between the partners is the fuel to the relation that they want to be in. This is what defines a relation. There are different relations, the relation of a father and a daughter, the relation of a mother and the son, the relation of friends, the relationship of two people in love, etc. Just being in love is not what defines a relation. So, when the connection between two people or more grows along with time and trust, people want to give it a name in different terms. One of the most uncommon and popular type of relationship is an open relationship, which is out of the league of other types of relationships. Let’s try to understand this much better term.

What is Open Relationship?

There are various types of relationships, but open relationship is the most unique type of relation which does not involve the emotion of love in it. This is the kind of relationship that the youth of today want to get in. Both the partners in the relationship are free to date other people of their opposite gender or the same gender, and both of them are cool with the dating thing about their partner. It is not necessary for both the partners to get intimate and be romantic.

It revolves around the fact of making two people stay together, not because they are in love, but because they want to be together because of some reason or connection. Generally, this practice is common in the nations like Western countries, but this is becoming prevalent in other parts of the world too. It is of different types. It can involve a number of partners, is not restricted and is known by several other names.

Reasons of being in an open relationship:


What if you are given a chance to be in an open relationship? Rather, anyone who wants to be in a casual relationship would be tempted to get into one. There are a number of reasons the people quote about being in such a relationship. These are as follows:

  • People prefer being in an open relationship because one does not have to answer his or her partner, unlike normal relationships, if they are dating some other person. It is clear between them that they can date other people at the same time.
  • They are not bound to one person. They get to spend time with other people too.
  • Many times people enter into such a relationship when they are not able to meet their perfect soul mates and want to have fun.
  • Sometimes two people get into such a relation to the basic fulfillment and for the sake of enjoyment and pleasure. This relationship doesn’t mean to them literally, that is, these people do not love each other, but are just physically attracted to each other.
  • There are many who want a break from their previous relation and want to enjoy the new one without any restriction. So, many of the people, in order to enjoy the basic nature of this relation; get involved in such a relationship.
  • If two people, being two good friends, like to stay together and enjoy their company, they decide to stay together by declaring that they are in an open relationship. Since, such a relationship is far away from the concept of responsibility and love, so no one is in a position to question them.
  • People get involved in it because they feel that it can turn out to be successful in comparison to other relations they will be in. These people do not lie with their partners and can confront them easily.
  • Such a relationship, does not involve any marriage or any kids. So, the people are free from the responsibility of having kids and family. The two people involved can enjoy the benefits and rights of husband and wife, but these people are not actually husband and wife. They do not have to sign a contract of marriage even if they stay together.
  • One partner can even live apart with the other partner.

There are many other reasons why a person wants to get into such a relation as the list is never ending. So, this is preferred by many people.

Demerits of open relationships:

Even though a partner is cool his or her partner hanging out with some other person, but there might be a possibility of occurrence of feelings of jealousy in that partner too. There are some negative points too. Some of them are:


  • You cannot ask your partner to avoid talking or dating some other person, unlike monogamous relationship, where the partner is bound to stay and get married to the person he is in a relationship. The partner is not answerable to the other partner about his dating and other love interest.
  • Even if you did not love the person you were in an open relationship with, you cannot force your partner to get married to you. This is against the rule of such a relationship. This relationship talk about two people living together and being together, but not as a married couple.
  • Many societies do not accept such types of relationships. Some areas of the world are not free minded and are not ready to accept such a change in the society. So, the people who want to be together, by avoiding the relation of husband and wife, are not able to do so because of the orthodoxy of other people in the society.
  • It takes a lot of time to understand the other person. So, if a person wants to get into a relationship for a while, he will not be able to identify himself with him and this might lead to an end of the relation quickly.
  • A partner cannot evade from his partner and has to be truthful to him.

Because of a number of disadvantages and insecurity, this type of relationship is not that popular among the people. Many times, people feel that such a relationship might not work out as per the requirement.

Is being in an open relationship that successful?

Although it sounds quite pleasing and interesting to be in such a relationship, but most of the people do not want to go for it. Such a relationship might turn out to be troublesome for the people who are involved in it. If you are a person who wants to get into a long term relationship with your partner, then an open relationship is a big no no for you. On the other hand, most of the people cannot bear their partners hanging out with others or dating some other person. In such a case too, the people involved in a relationship cannot go from being in an open relationship. Also, the idea of being in an open relationship sounds fun and might be comfortable and suitable for many people in the beginning. But, slowly and gradually, the people involved in such a relation get frustrated with their partners. Only, few of such relationships work out well and smoothly.

Only ten or twenty out of hundred percent open relations work out successfully; not all of them. So, the people who are comfortable about going at it for it. There are many success stories of such a relation.


If you and your partner feel, this is the way, and then you can go in for it. If someone wants to get into it, such a practice should not be discouraged. Change is the nature of law and society. After all, it’s the question of the two people being happy together. So, if the people involved in it are happy and satisfied with each other being in such a relationship, then the change should be accepted by the society and implemented by these people.

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