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Dystopian Novels – Best Dystopian Novels of All Time

The best of adult dyspotian novels – Live in the factious future!

If you are an avid reader, you must have came across a genre of fiction called dyspotia. This is the wonderful fiction writing grounded in future with lot of technological innovations.

It is actually the idea of society in a controlled and repressive state. In dyspotian societies the repressive social control is featured, like police states having unlimited powers over people.

The reason these adult dystopian books find market is the intelligent and thrilling effect they weave around reader. Let’s have a look at some of the best creations in the adult dyspotia category.

Best Dystopian Novels

Best Dystopian Novels

If we try to get a list of best dyspotian books of time, then it would be best to start off with :-

Best Dystopian Novels of All Time:

Hunger games:– this novel is the perfect book to start your adventure in the dyspotia genre. This is a shallow running book of this genre so you get to feel the essence of the writing.

Brave new world :- this creation of Aldous Huxley takes you on a deeper ride of dyspotia novels. The story is about peoples live full of recreational sex, leisure and pleasure.

1984 :- another great work in the genre of adult dyspotia novels. In the george orwell tells the story of a historic revisionist and propagandist named, Winston smith. The society introduced in 1984 subjugates individual through the pain and fear rather than choosing pleasure.

A Handmaid’s Tale :- Margaret Atwood brings the story of a woman who is forced to live as concubine for a fundamentalist theocratic government leader. Although she has stated her purpose of getting children for the commander, but she turns something bigger and reveals the hypocrisy of new government.

Fahrenheit 451 :- Ray Bradbury’s writing Fahrenheit 451 is a classic anti-censorship work. During the course of the book you will come across the shallowness of the system and see the rebel that Guy Montag puts up.

Anthem :- in the dark where individualism is a verboten, a worker comes across electricity but gets arrested for his intellectual excursions. With his love interest he escapes into the forest and then from the ancient books he learns the power with individualism.

Neuromancer :- Williams classic is actually a techno dysposia, telling the story of a hacker, who luckily got a second chances to learn about the danger in the job he has signed in for.

Children of men :- this thriller frames a future Britain, which is oppressed with its own impending extinction due to the infertility. To the response of large social disorder and migration the nation has transformed into a police state. A bureaucrat helps a refugee to escape the chaos when she reveals about her pregnancy.

Cloud atlas :- this is again a blend of bio science. You get the story of a cloned human working as a food sever and singing praises of her creator. Later she learns that the future paradise is far more sinister than what she has been promised.

Windup girl :- paolo portrays a future Bangkok in this book. In this the Bangkok is on the verge of collapse, there is a corporation controlling the food supply with genetic modification which actually stays step ahead of the diseases and insects. This is a true adventure ride.

Here were mentioned only the few popular adult dyspotian novels that had created there impression on the readers and have gained success. They were successful in creating the thrill and adventure in readers mind.

The dyspotia genre is a package of futuristic imaginations, technological innovations and also a blend of thrill.


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  1. Awesome list, I’m reading hungergames now !

  2. These novels are gaining more popularity everyday. The fiction is always carrying a mystic significance with it. That is what I personally enjoy reading this genre. Cheers.

  3. Nice list, I’m not a regular reader but have completed Hunger Games couple of months ago. It was a good one, I haven’t even heard of those other books you mentioned here, seriously! Gotta find some time to read ’em.

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