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Alternatives to Hotels with fun

Alternatives to Hotels

Alternatives to Hotels

Low on budget? Here are some cheap and cool alternatives to the customary and expensive hotel stay:

Most of us are the travel fanatic types. We like travelling all the time and to all the places. It needs just a slight mention of a holiday or a vacation to get us started making travel plans. However, any travelling plan requires making extensive strategies in advance; you need to work upon the modes of travel, the places to stay, the places to eat in and God knows what else.

Cheaper options for travelling are always available. However, it’s the hotel bills that bother travelling lovers the most. A holiday expedition is not always backed by a great budget and so it is not always that people can avail tour packages with the best stay and dining options. Here is a list of some cool and cheap alternatives to hotels:

Cheap Alternatives to Hotels:

House Rentals, apartments and rooms – There are a lot of local rental agencies that provide with apartments and rooms for guests on a holiday. A list of such rental facilities can quite easily be obtained from the internet and the schedule accordingly made. This option is particularly handy when a lot of people or a group of friends set upon a vacation. They could well go for renting a house of two rooms for all of them.

Guest Houses – These days a lot of guesthouses with dormitories are available where one can easily share a bed with other fellow travellers. The stay is generally designed in the form of bunk beds all decked up in a room and common bathrooms. Don’t forget to check upon the hygiene of such places before you actually book in.

House swap – This is a new concept which refers to exchanging houses and apartments with other travellers who will be travelling to your place of stay much about the time you are visiting their place of stay. A lot of websites can help find such paired travels in exchanging homes. Most often the host also provides his personal car for use to the traveller.

Camping – Camping is both fun and cheap. All you need is a good campground and your camping gear. Sometimes you can even rent the camping gear from the camp grounds itself. This gives the perks of being able to enjoy a vacation plus the camping trip all in one.

Farm Stay – A farm can be a cool idea for a vacation. It is a break from those conventional, all the same travelling schedules which are just sightseeing, dining at new places, shopping etc. This is a travel option where one can be close to nature and get a different experience altogether. Such a vacation is quite easy on the pockets plus once in awhile such vacations do mean that you get to revitalize yourself by moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Religious housing –Tourist locations are always full of stay options. Many a times you will find that there are cheap staying options like the maintained by religious organizations like stay houses for christians etc.

Academic Housing –A change of academic year means that college students are home for the holidays and many college dormitories rent the dormitories to tourists and visitors. An internet search or a personal visit to a few of the colleges or a tip from the tourist board of the city can be easy guides to find such accommodation.

Renting villas –This is a cool option for a longer stay. A week long rental of the villa with well furnished rooms, food and cleaning, means that the per day cost as against a hotel stay comes to be quite reasonable. This is due to the fact that villas can be rented for really low prices on a weekly basis.

What you think about this alternative? comment below for more your choices.


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    very good article i must say. But i personally think that Hotels are best option in point of security and service. If you are unknown to any place then inspite of thinking money one should have to think about its security. Any way thanks for sharing.

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