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Android App Facebook Messenger Free Download

Android App Facebook Messenger Free Download

Facebook – has changed almost every way of being connected in this era and now by the current time of smart operating systems like Android. Here is amazing Android App. It is Facebook messenger. With this app, you can simply be active on Facebook Messenger and there are various miscellaneous functions with which you can be active all the time on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is a free messenger app which can easily be downloaded from the play store. You just have to log in with your Facebook username and password and there you are.

You can chat with any of your friends without opening Facebook  – even send text to any of your contacts who is not in your friend’s list, can send photos privately, send voice messages and so many more features are included. Also there are no extra charges for all these sharing and connecting features. You just need to have a simple internet connection. There will be no extra charges.

Amazing features of Facebook Messenger:

Chat with friends – also in a group,

Make fun with Stickers,

Send photos privately,

Share your location with friends,

Make free calls,

Even get to know – who has seen your messages,

Get to know who is active on Facebook –  Facebook Messenger,

Invite Friends,

Send messages quickly,

While working – sleeping – meeting: turn off notifications.

All these are amazing features which are designed in such  way that we can adjust all of the settings as per our requirements and choices. Almost everyone who has Facebook account has this app inside their smart gadgets. So here is the link from which Facebook Messenger can be downloaded for free:

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