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Android App Flash Transfer Free Download

Android App Flash Transfer Free Download

Flash Transfer allows us to transfer any files through one Android device to other devices just with a swipe or shake. Yes! It works just like the Bluetooth in fact, it works better as well as faster than Bluetooth. So get the Flash Transfer and share all your images, videos, apps in just a shake away.

Falsh Transfer

To transfer files with Flash Transfer, you need to have Flash Transfer inside both – Sender and Receiver device. So that both Flash Transfer work properly and you can share all the data which you want to share. Also large sized videos can also be shared just in few seconds.

How To Transfer Files:

Search the friend’s device through Flash Transfer Search and select the Blue icon which says Create a Group and ask your friend to select the Green icon which says Scan to Join. Now both the device user’s can see their profiles which they have set for Flash Transfer. And then start sharing. It works like Bluetooth and works in specific area just like Bluetooth.

Just view the image which you want to share, then tap on that image and the options for sharing the image will appear. Also you can just select the specific image and then shake your device a bit. And it’s done, that file has been sent to your friend’s device. So all the files with more memory can also be sent and it is very easy to send lots of data.

With Flash Transfer, we can share Photographs, Videos, Audios, Apps, Games etc. So next time you share anything with your friends, select the Flash Transfer and then see the magic. And send all the items in just few seconds.

Click on the following link to Download Android App Flash Transfer For Free:

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