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Android App Hike Messenger Free Download

Android App Hike Messenger Free Download

Here is one more amazing and totally free messaging app, Hike Messenger. With this amazing app, you can send free messages to anyone who uses Hike or even to those who are not using Hike Messenger. This is limited to send messages inside India only. But yet it is so interesting to send free messages who are not even using Hike Messenger.

Hike Messenger

Just like the other apps which allows us to send free messages but this app – Hike Messenger is a step ahead of such apps. As we can even send free messages to all those people who are not Hike Users. And it allows us to send these messages as text messages and also you will get a reply from those friends. Having such app, is really much fun.

Once you start using this free app, there will be no other app inside your smart phone, you will just love this messaging app. So all those friends, who are not online, they can also get your messages as it allows all the people to send and receive messages. If you have installed the Hike Messenger, then it will be used as with your 3G or Wi-Fi data.

Along with all the Texts, we can send much more things including Photos, Videos, Voice Messages, Stickers, Smileys  etc. Also we can talk with all of our friends at a time through the Group Chat. So that every one can talk with any one of the group. We can share our location with the use of Hike Messenger.

All these messages are send just in a moment. So there is no delay in sending the message but all of them are send just in a moment and also you will get a reply from your friends. This app has already been installed by large number of people, as one of the reason – Hike allows users to send offline messages that is why it is going to be the top choice for the people.

Click on the following link to Download Android App – Hike Messenger for Free:

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