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Android App iKeyboard – iOS7 Style Download APK

 Android App iKeyboard – iOS7 Style Download APK Android App iKeyboard – iOS7 Style Download

Here is an amazing Android App – iKeyboard – iOS7 Style. This app is amazing for those who likes the iOS7 and are interested in some features of the iOS7. Through this app, Android users can have the virtual keyboard just like the keyboard available in iOS7. All the features just like the original key board are available. You can use it without any problems and it works efficiently every time. So it you too love such features from iOS7, then this app might be proved beneficial for you.

The iKeyboard – iOS7 Style contains all of the features available in the iOS7. The layout is same and will give you iOS7 feel with the use of this keyboard. Talking about some features, there are suggestions of English Input while we are typing something. English Dictionary is also available as we start typing. Also while we are typing, the auto-corrections are there to correct your mistakes, if there are any. Alongwith corrections, it offers some of the best matching words which match to those words you are typing, so that you do not have to type some long words just select the offered word.

There are various languages supported like English – US, English – UK, Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French – Canada, French – Switzerland, German QWERTY, Hebrew – Italian, Norwegian Bokmal, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish etc. So whichever language you know, multiple languages are supported. Also the layout and the design are the same as you see in the iOS7. So while typing, there are all these functionalities available and also the look will also provide you the same feeling.

Here are some steps for enabling the iKeyboard – iOS7 Style in your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Just few setting are needed to be modified for enabling this feature of Keyboard. Read all these steps and easily enable the iKeyboard – iOS7 Style.

  • First of all, open the iOS 7 Keyboard,
  • Select the Enable iOS7 Keyboard from the menu.
  • Then go to the System Input Setting.
  • Select the iOS7 Keyboard.
  • And if you are thinking about making this keyboard as Default then,
  • Go to iOS7 Keyboard – Select Set As Default Keyboard.

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