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Android Game Angry Birds Free Download

Android Game Angry Birds Free Download

After the grand success of Angry Birds PC game, the Angry Birds Android game is here. Also just after few days of the release of this amazing game, it has been installed by large number of people and everyone loves to play this game.

Angry Birds 2

About Angry Birds:

There are some innocent birds, whose eggs have been stolen by some groups of mighty pigs. So the birds are now angry on all the pigs and are trying to get their eggs back by fighting with these thief pigs. There are some special powers in some of the birds and through these powers, pigs can be killed.

There are various angry birds like Red, White, Black, Yellow, Blue etc. All these angry birds have some special abilities like getting bigger sized, gets blasted, gets more powerful while hitting the enemy pigs. So it will be very interesting to kill these pigs.

By the each level, you will get some specific number of angry birds with which you have to hit all of the pigs to pass that level. Also after passing few levels, some locked level with be unlocked by getting high scores. Also while playing each of these levels, there are some amazing and interesting tricks with which all of the pigs can be killed. So you have to think creative for each level and kill the pigs with innovative ideas.

As in the latest version, there are some upgrades features included in this game. A shock wave power bomb is one of the latest feature which will generate a shock wave with which there will be great damage around that angry bird and lots of pigs would be killed.

Also there is a Mighty Eagle inside the Angry Birds game which can be purchased and it can help with some of the troubles. But eagle comes with some of the limitations.

Click on the following link to download Android Game Angry Bird For Free:

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