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Android Game Escape Action Free Download

Android Game Escape Action Free Download

In a certain situation, you are the security chief and your job is to check various puzzles and security doors. So once, there is a trouble with you, as you are stuck behind so many locked doors and searching for getting out of there. So this situation is the amazing as well as interesting game, Escape Action.

Escape Action

This wonderful game is full of puzzles and fun. You have to solve all these interesting puzzles and get ahead to the each level. There are so many doors which are locked and you have to unlock them. Think for various tricks with which the door can be opened. Even you can do stuff like move your smart phone, move in upward down direction, tilt it or anything else. You can also do shake it, rotate it or tap some where etc.

Also there must be some mysterious things lying here and there, so you can use anyone of those things too and try out the newer ways to unlock the door. There are more than 65 hardest levels inside this game, to be unlocked by you.

Cool Game Features:

More than 60 hardest levels to be unlocked,

Mysterious items lying near the door,

Extra Bonus Points,

Amazing as well as funny sound track of the game,

Attractive game graphics and color combinations.

By the end of the game, when you go on solving each level, you will get to know about who was there behind all these mysteries and who has trapped you. It will be real fun. There are number of levels, after qualifying specific levels, you might earn some extra points in the form of bonus points.

Click on the following link to Download Android Game Escape Action For Free:

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