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Android Game FIFA 14 By EA Sports Free Download

Android Game FIFA 14 By EA Sports Free Download

The most played game is here – FIFA 14. There are all the real players with real teams and leagues inside this game. There are large number of football loving people who have already installed this amazing game in their smart phones as well as tablets and are enjoying it. There are amazing HD graphics with real players and leagues available. Only thing to be keep in mind is that, you should have at least 1.35 Gb free space for this game.


There are more than 33 leagues along with 600 licensed teams and all these with more than 16,000 players is there. All the famous as well as infamous teams are there inside this game. Also there are more than 34 real kind of stadiums full of audience are there.

The FIFA 14 is available in lots of languages like English, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Brazilian, Spanish, Dutch etc. And there are large number of people who are playing this game from around the world. It is more interesting to play in familiar language and get high scores. As this is Android game, you can enjoy the commentaries in these languages.

In the upgraded version of this game there are amazing features included like new modes. There are some of the classic modes like Tournament, Manager, Kick Off etc. But these features are to be purchased. You can play this game any time, what you need is an internet connection. That’s it. Start playing this game anytime.

Make a team with your favorite players and get them in a team. There are more than 16,000 players available from which you can choose. There are super graphics and amazing sounds which will give you an amazing feeling just like the real match.

With the latest version, there are so many new features added. Such features includes improved touch features, even choose from classis touch controls.

Here is the link from where FIFA 14 can be downloaded for free:

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