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Android Game Garage Battle Free Download

Android Game Garage Battle Free Download

There is a garage which has totally been divested with lots of colorful balls. All these balls are just going here and there – everywhere. So before these balls go on getting everything upwards down, with the help of a canon shoot the balls of same color. And then they disappear!

Garage Battle

The background of this game looks like a metal board and it is a garage. Something has happened there and lots of colorful balls are jumping around. So to help you, there is a Canon in the middle which produces a different colored ball. So as per the canon ball’s color shoot it to the same colored ball. And then these same colored balls will just disappear. So do the same with the others.

There are so many colorful balls to be shot and to be disappeared. There are more than 70 levels with different difficulty levels. With each level, the level of difficulty increases and makes it more difficult. But not to worry, you have to try to shoot them all. Shoot all these balls, as more as possible.

To play this interesting and devastating game, you just have to tap and go! Then the ball will shoot from the canon. Also by the increasing level, there are few special powers and balls with some special powers which will earn some extra points. To play this game is just amazing and fun. Also such creative games increases the IQ level.

With the upcoming upgraded version of Garage Battle game, there are some improved features to be added and more challenging levels to be solved. This game has been one of the most played as well as more number of people has this game inside their smart phone. So that by playing such game, it refreshes mind.

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