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Android Game Monsterama Planet Free Download

Android Game Monsterama Planet Free Download

Here is interesting world of cute monsters inside this game Monsterama Planet. Yes, you might be wandering that how such monsters can be cute but here are amazingly cute monsters lying inside this game. Explore the fantastic city of monsters and explore into Astrojungle to earn points. There are some monsters who are hidden in this mysterious jungle.

Monsterama Planet

There are mysterious plants on which scientists are experimenting let them know about the monster plants and explore astrojungle. By exploring the Monsterama Planet you will get such plants and cute monsters. Collect them and there are some mysterious things yet to come.

You can make home for these cute monsters and wander into Astrojungle to know about some secrets of monsters. Also you can build entire civilization for all these cute monsters. There are lots of excitements to be discovered by you. Making homes for all these sweet and cute monsters is fun to play.

There are so many monsters waiting for you to come with you so that you can solve the mystery. Also those scientists are trying some different fruits on alien plants. Get to know about such mysterious things and help the scientists. Apart from these, there are large number of monsters with some cute mysteries so go to them and find all the secrets along with mysteries.

Amazing features:

Wander in Antrojungle,

Explore amazing Monsterama Planet,

Solve Mysteries,

Get to know about Secrets,

Help Scientists,

Fine Cute Monsters,

Build Home – City.

It will be much fun while playing this funny game and making these cute monsters home.

Click on the following link to download Monsterama Planet Game for Free:

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