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Android Game Sonic Dash Free Download

Android Game Sonic Dash Free Download

This game is amazing as well as exiting journey of the Sonic – the hedgehog, running around to complete the level and with some interesting graphics and collectibles, it is much fun. There are lots of levels to be completed along with some epic fights with super bosses. Also you can get some awesome super powers with which you can go much faster by fighting with all the things which comes in your way.

Sonic Dash

You can jump, spin or dash as to be on the right path. The path is so curvy as well as with more of obstacles to be crossed. Also you can simply swipe as the direction of the path changes. So it is much enjoyable to play such simple game. Jump on all those obstacles and pass the level.

Moreover, there will be some special powers and abilities with which you can gain special effects and powers. With these powers, you can go on devastating all the surroundings and fight with those who comes on your way. Also some powers will provide super fast speed to run everywhere. Also in few levels, some epic boss battles will be there, to be fought and won.

The Sonic Dash can also be played with multi player mode. Other players gets a chance to be Sonic’s friends – they are Tails, Shadows, Knuckles etc. And by the end, there is a special fight with the super boss. So to win this battle, you have to collect all the special powers and then with your abilities you can with such battles. Also by clearing each level, there are some  of the points and rewards which you will need for your epic battles. Also such earned points can result into some special powers.

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