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Android Game Star Command Free Download

Android Game Star Command Free Download

Have you ever dreamt about some fantasy and aliens? Well, here is something like that, In Star Command game, there is a huge star ship which you have to manage and run. Various crew members are available from which you can choose. Also various gaming modes are available with amazing graphics. We are getting crystal clear graphics in this game. So playing experience will be just live and amazing. Also there are some Galaxies where you have to wander and kill the enemy. All the crew members will help you and follow your command.

The Star Command is fantastic and exiting game. There are various crew members. You have to hire then for your Star Ship to be managed. They have various skills for killing enemies. There are so many enemies, to be killed by you. There are some specifications available from which you can even select the image for your ship. All these rides and excitements are presented to you with unmatched clearity and high resolution. Alognwith graphics, the sounds are same – amazing. So many upgradations available for building your ship. You have to collect all the points from killing the enemy.

Some of the strange yet interesting civilizations from various galaxies are there – checker out by you. And there will be so many aliens who are enemies. So with the support of all the crew members kill all of them. There are various modes available for your ship like Science Skills, Tactical Combat, Ship Engineering etc. Important thing about aliens is, they will try to get your ship and will cause much damage so you have to stop them and kill them so that they don’t harm you and your crew.

There are more than 10 aliens species, which are waiting just for you to be discovered. As there are crew members, each one of them has their unique styles and qualities. So let’s see what your crew has got for you.

Here: To Download Star Command For Free

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