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Android Game Subway Surfers Free Download

Android Game Subway Surfers Free Download

This awesome game is lots of fun while playing it. As there are various amazing things inside the Subway Surfers with which we get to know some different things about the upcoming levels of this game. There are amazing backgrounds and high definition scenes inside this game.

Subway Surfers

About Subway Surfers:

This game includes a boy who is escaping from a policeman and his dog.  First he is running on the railway tracks and then there are some amazing backgrounds where he reaches after completing several levels. So he has to run from this policeman. He can get on the trains and jump off the trains and all these controls are real easy. There are cool sounds which are playing when we are playing the game.

To play this game, you can just move your phone and then swipe to move on or off the train. All these controls are real easy to play as well as to understand. The Subway Surfers game reacts as per the sensors, so you have to move your phone easily and then as per your movements, the boy – Jake goes on running. And also, when Jake is caught by the policeman – it is very funny situation. As the policemen held Jake with his leg – upright down and his dog goes on barking.

Also while this boy is running, there comes some amazing levels where is has his hoverboard with which he can surf on the roofs of the trains as well as there is a jetpack with which he can even fly and it released painted smoke, how cool is that!

While playing and running from the policeman, there are lots of coins to be collected from the way. Also in several levels, there are some special powers and coins to be collected. So collect all these things and rewards while playing this game. All these powers appears just on the railway track or on the roofs of the tracks. So go on running and collect all these points and rewards.

Click on the following link to download Android Game Sub Way Surfers for Free:

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