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Android Game ULTRA4 Offroad Racing Download

Android Game ULTRA4 Offroad Racing Download

Play this amazing Android game ULTRA4 OffRoad Racing and feel experience of offroad driving. There are spontaneous race tracks which are specially designed from real offroad tracks. So many vehicles are available from which you can choose to drive some real monster vehicle which has power to smash all those things which comes on your path.

ULTRA4 Offroad Racing - screenshot thumbnail

Amazing graphics are there inside this game. Also some of the easy controls are available which will help you to play this game in a faster way inside you smartphone.

So many gaming modes like Career Mode, Time Trial Mode etc. are available. Each of these modes has amazing functions and features some special vehicles. In Career Mode, there are total 3 difficult sessions along with 42 races to win. All these courses are based upon Real ULTRA4 Races.

Talking about the Time Trail Mode, There are some exiting medals to be won from Gold, Silver and Bronze. Including Baja Bonus Levels there are more than 32 levels available to be played and to be conquered. All these modes has so many hours of game play and excitement.

ULTRA4 Offroad Racing - screenshot thumbnail

Along with these amazing modes, there some so many functionalities to be unlocked by you. There are 16 miscellaneous achievements to be earned, strongest and more powerful 3 monster vehicles to be unlocked. Also a remodel is available for fun as well as know the game plan. Talking about the vehicles, they are powerful and unbeatable.

These vehicles contain fully simulated suspension, Realistic traction and drive train suspension. Also they can damage system with flat tires. Cool truck looks are available from world’s best brands and colors.

Other than these functionalities, there are more than 5 different lay outs available for controlling your vehicle. Also there are some of the amazing sounds plays while you are playing the game. There are various races available from 1 minute challenge to 10 minutes challenges, all types of races and challenges are available. With all the amazing features inside this amazing off-road game, it will be fun and excitement too.

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