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Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Download

The Android’s version 4.0 which has been names as Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS has been so much famous, that most people has got it and are using this version 4.0 inside their smartphones and tablets. There are so many upgraded features inside this version of the Android operating system. User friendly and quick access bars are available, notification bar or system bar has also become advanced.

The home screen as well as the menus are now delivering high resolution and has become smarter. Smarter multi tasking, quick access to notifications, personalized home screen, and easy user friendly interface. All these functionalities are added in the Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich.

In latest smartphones and tablets, user needs to have quick access to all the running processes. For such task, there is Recent Tasks key through which user can jump from one process to another process just through a single click. So multi tasking is very easy. This simple click shows all the running processes and through all these user can select any one.

The notification bar is also advanced. There are all the new texts view, any other notification or mail are available to view incoming calls as well as texts. Various widgets can be resized as per user’s choice. So that we can either view full widget with all the details or we can view smaller sized or just a shortcut.

The home screen has got so many widgets as well as new styles. There is a new typed lock screen, in which before unlocking the screen user can have quick access to the camera or some other services like Google search etc. While we are getting an incoming call, it can simply be rejected or can select a write quick message function.

One of the most used function is messages, there are improved menus and advanced settings are available. There are improved message input and spell checking functionalities available. Along with these, there is voice input available through which we can just simply write messages as per our voice guidance.

All these features are available inside the Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich.

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