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Android Titanium Backup PRO Key root free download

Android Titanium Backup PRO Key root free download

People store their all data inside their Smartphones or Tablets. But what if anybody lost his/ her data?? Here is the solution. Have Android Titanium Backup PRO Key Root. Through this root app, user can get their Backup for all their apps and other data like Games. The Android Titanium Backup Pro can easily be downloaded through Google Store. This app has been voted as one of the most famous backup app, as lots of people have the Android Titanium Backup Pro inside their Android based gadgets.

Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root

Once when user have installed the Android Titanium Backup Pro, there are plenty of features for various purposes. But if there are any problems then it is very easy to Freeze, Defrost, Launch, Uninstall this app through a single click. Or even user can send a copy of their Backup to their mail address. User can have separate backup as per System apps, User apps and also for sd Card apps, user can create separate backups. As per requirements, the user apps can be converted to system apps. And one of the most important thing is that, user do not need to close specific apps while taking a backup. So it is one of the good feature offered by the Android Titanium Backup Pro.

The Android Titanium Backup Pro Key, can be used for multiple backups. User can have 0-Click batch store. Also there is a features like Restore Individual App, App Freezer, Market Auto Update Manager, Encryption, Unlimited Schedules. Also user can have access through various storage drives like Google Drive, DropBox, Box etc. All these access can be done manually or can be scheduled for sync. There are some special backups through which user can protect data from Deletion.

Your PRO Key for Titanium Backup!

• Voted #1 TOP ROOT APP on Twitter.
• No icon! Requires the Titanium Backup (free) app (see “More” section below). This key will turn it into PRO.
• The same key can be used on several devices!
• For download issues & support: read below.

PRO Features Added:
[✔] Multiple backups per app
[✔] 0-click batch restore
[✔] Backup/restore SMS,MMS,calls,bookmarks,Wi-Fi AP as XML
[✔] Multi-user support for some apps! (eg: games)
[✔] Batch verification
[✔] Backup apps without closing them!
[✔] Create your own containing apps+data!
[✔] Restore individual apps+data from non-root ADB backups!
[✔] Restore individual apps+data from CWM backups!
[✔] Restore individual apps+data from TWRP backups!
[✔] Hypershell speed
[✔] Migrate system data across different ROMs
[✔] Market Doctor (relink apps to Market)
[✔] “Destroy all Market links” feature
[✔] Apps freezer (incl. batch support)
[✔] Market “auto updating” manager
[✔] Convert user apps <=> system apps
[✔] Encryption
[✔] Unlimited schedules
[✔] Sync to/from Dropbox (manual/scheduled)
[✔] Sync to/from Box (manual/scheduled)
[✔] Sync to/from Google Drive (manual/scheduled)
[✔] TB Web Server: download/upload your backups as a single ZIP on your computer
[✔] Load/Save a Filter and use it in Widgets/Schedules
[✔] Change the device’s Android ID, restore it from a backup or after a factory reset
[✔] Protect backup against deletion
[✔] Send backup (to e-mail/cloud) and import it in 1 click
[✔] Backup→Verify→Un-install an app in one shot
[✔] Freeze/defrost/launch apps in a single click
[✔] CSV export any app DB (e-mail or Google Docs)
[✔] Brand the app with your name
[✔] Bloatware Melter (experimental)
[✔] Convert app data to/from faster WAL DB format
[✔] And more!

More Memory:
[✔] Dalvik cache cleaner
[✔] Integrate system app updates into ROM
[✔] Move apps into ROM
[✔] Integrate Dalvik cache system elements into ROM

What the Press says:
“The Most Essential App For Android” – Tech’n’Life
“NONE can compare with this one” – Android Market Review
“The Best Backup App for Android” – Lifehacker
“The hands down best Backup on the market” – Absolutely Android
“It is a must-have backup app” – Droid Ninja

In the Pro version of this app, there are several experimental functionalities provided. So through this app, user can create their safe backups alongwith required specified backup as per various apps. Here is the link to download Android Titanium Backup PRO:

here: Android Titanium Backup PRO

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