Apple’s iPad 3D sensor/scanner device can capture anything in 3 dimension

Amazing iPad Device: That can capture/scan anything in 3D (Dimension) real view objects.

Apple Company is one the top level technology device maker company in the world and every time they made some different technology product then others.

apple ipad device 3d scanner

This time again the Apple have made a device called 3D scanner/sensor which connect with iPad and you can capture anything in 3D real view.  This optical device can scan every object in 3D image with two Infrared LEDs App Controlled. This is the amazing thing I have ever seen before. We can’t imagine how this device actually work and how to get every dimensions in the real model view.

As we all known, the technology world become the faster and growing up every day to make different and effective product with every new creation. All the technological device maker company perform to make some different than others. But this time Apple made a wonderful creation for this real world. We can say for this device “Capture the real world in real image“.

The device is actually made for the iPad. Attach this device with your iPad and you can easily capture a complete detailed model view of your room, house, nature view etc. Optical scanner of the iPad device convert into real model view scanner by this 3D device.

Now we can easily scan our real nature view in real 3D image digitally by this Apple’s new product. So, it may have amazing feelings when we have this device with us.

Capability, Features and Price of the iPad 3D Sensor device:

The iPad 3D device may have the amazing and coolest capability of the optical sensor for getting the real object model view image. We can’t think about that.

The device has actually capable to capture minimum 40 CM to scan and extends to the 3.5 meters for scanning anything from smallest to big room size view of the real object. This is the worlds first 3D sensor for mobile device. It will turn your iPad to 3D mobile device.

If you are a Mac application developer and want to develop a real object view games then you can easily captured real view of the rooms/homes or other models by playing real argument game and develop real objects mobile/tablet application with using this 3D device.

This structure sensor 3D device are available in 2 types of aluminium colors: Silver and Ice Blue. The actual price of this device is near about $329 to $349 as per the official released(At the time of actual launching). It may have usable/supported in the 4th generation of Apple iPad device. It has the minimum 4 hours of Battery backup with active usage and 1000+ hours with standby. So, it’s the best thing for us to going anywhere with standby mode of the sensor.

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