Australian Passport Renewal – Fees – Documents

Australian Passport Renewal – Fees – Documents

The Australian passport renewal service is a very simple process for renewing the expired passport. If you are an Australian citizen, the renewal of the passport requires some simple lucid steps that need to be followed to renew the passport. The service allows renewal of adult passport and the new application for the child passport. The details on how the adult passport renewal and issuing of child’s passport are discussed below.


Earlier to the passport that is not yet issued to a child, the written consent from all the person who are the responsibility for the child is needed. The consent from the parents is required for the child as the parents are the responsible for the child. The Australian Passports Act 2005, Section 11, also permits to issue a passport to a child if in a case child is going to travel internationally in such a case the Australian passport service issues the passport to the child only if an Australian court order permits.

If in such a case , when the parents don’t want to write the consent there is a provision for that in Australian passport service, so if you wish to make an application in such a way without the consent of all persons with parental responsibility the you need to complete a statement on a form B9 and provide all the details of the circumstances under which you are not writing the consent (Download Form B9). The decision on your request for not writing the consent depends on the Minister for Foreign Affairs as it is there decision to allow this request. The application will be referred to a delegate of the Minister for Foreign Affairs for a decision.

Australian Passport Renewal

Documents required :

The detail collection of documents are required while applying for the passport for the child. While applying for the an Australian passport for a child, you need to provide all original documents that are with you which confirms the child’s identity and Australian citizenship as it is needed to validate the citizenship of the child. Documents need to be duly-signed and are a valid proof for the citizenship of Australia , as the proper documents widely vary the processing time of passport application. More valid documents gets easier to process them.

You have to provide any previous Australian passport that you must have issued for the child in past, as it is very important as it can ease the passport process and speed up the whole process.

First document that you will require to provide is the birth certificate that is full original Australian (or foreign) birth certificate. the birth certificate proves your citizenship of Australia. When in a case where a foreign birth certificate is  shown or submitted you must also need to provide an approved translation if necessary in certain scenario if such situation occurs ,you need to submit the translation and an Australian citizenship certificate. The documents like Birth extracts, photocopies or facsimile copies, commemorative certificates are not acceptable. All valid documents will be required, photocopies and the copies of birth extracts are not considered.

In such a condition ,if the child was born overseas outside Australia and has no birth certificate,then the parent need to complete Form B6 ,the link for that .

For such applicants who were born in Australia on or after 20 August 1986:

proof of any of the parent’s Australian citizenship or the address proof of Australian permanent residency at the time when the child was born.

You can submit,

  1. one parent’s Australian permanent resident status that was there at the time of the child’s birth.
  2. one parent’s valid Australian citizenship certificate;
  3. one parent’s whose birthplace is Australia , Australian birth certificate;
  4. one parent’s Australian passport issued after 20 August 1986 and valid for two years;

Passport Fees:

Passport fees need to be paid by all the applicants regardless of if it’s a renewal form or the issue of new passport.Passport fees for applicants vary for both child as well as parent, these application fees are, subject to change without any prior notice, fees are applicable to both new and renewed passports and can be payable to lodgment.

There are multiple ways of payments:

If you are in Australia:

Cash, MasterCard or Visa, EFTPOS.

If you are in overseas:

You need to contact the Australian Diplomatic mission or consulate ( where you are applying the applications for advicing on payment methods. The equivalent amount in local currency at the current exchange rate may be required to pay by the applicant.

Different prices for passport issuing:

Types of passports ADULT CHILD
Ordinary passport A$244 A$122
Frequent Traveller A$366 A$183
Senior’s passport A$122 N/A
Senior’s Frequent Traveller A$183 N/A

For detail fees on all the other identities and documents simply click on , you will get the exact exchange you need to pay.

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