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Backyard Mini Garden Miniature Garden – Low Budget

Backyard Mini Garden Miniature Garden

Backyard Mini Garden Miniature Garden

Backyard Mini Garden Miniature Garden – Low Budget

A backyard garden, is a place where one can spend some quality time with the loved ones. This place has to be the one that is pleasing to the eyes, is clean and the one where spending some time always makes you feel fresh and lightened up. But building one such garden is easier said than done. It needs a lot of planning and work to yield the best results from the available resources.

Another important aspect of building the garden is the proper budgeting of the entire project. It is always a better option to utilize the resources judiciously while spending less money.

First, it is important to plan out the design. This design is the base of the mini garden. It is basically the skeletal framework of the backyard garden. This you can do by going through some websites on the internet where you find out about various designs. Also, you can check out the photos of gardens and with your vision, go for adding your own taste to the designs. You can look for designs that will be the exact ones for your garden area. With this you can plan out your entire garden and how it will look and how you will arrange the things.

The second important thing that needs to be done is the assembling of all the required materials. It depends on what exactly you want to have in your backyard mini garden. If you want a small pond, then you need to get the required things like stones, shovels etc. For the decorative purpose you can arrange for coconut shells, bricks, potted plants etc.

Now since we are talking about a small budget, it is important to make the best possible use of the available resources. So, you can go for recycling and reusing the old cardboard boxes, glass bottles etc. The reusing ensures that your garden building is Eco friendly and your pockets are not heavily emptied. The coconut shells can be used to make decorative divisions for plants, or for the purpose of hanging lamps or whatever that is pleasing to your taste.

The third important thing is related to the water body that you want to put in your mini garden, be it a small fish pond, or a small water fountain. You will have to ensure that if it is a fish pond, then the water is clean and changed constantly. You will also need to get a few water plants. In case of a fountain you’ll need to recycle water in order to prevent wastage of water. For this you can take help from experts.

The fourth essential element is lighting. The garden should be well-lit during the dark hours, so that it is easy to go there at any given time. You can put bulbs hanging from the branches of the trees or you can put on lights up above hanging by  a string, giving a starry fell to the ambience. You can go for putting in the big stand lamps too.

The furniture you use in the garden can be old. By old we mean it should be something that can be used with  a little makeover. If you have wooden chairs, you can add a cushion to it. If you have plastic chairs, you can use it too. Folding chairs are also a good option. The main agenda here is to reuse the old furniture with a little cover up, so that you don’t have to go for buying into a whole new set of furniture.

With all these handy tips, getting a backyard garden without hurting your pockets is one easy thing to do.

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