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Beautiful Widgets Pro Free download APK app

Beautiful Widgets Pro Free download APK app

When you have an extra-ordinary smartphone, you need to personalize your home screen through so many beautiful as well as interesting widgets. Through Beautiful Widgets, user can have so many attractive as well as best widgets, which can be used like thousands times just via a single click.

There are lots of themes and color combinations and animations available in Beautiful Widgets app. With the help of this amazing app, guys as well as girls every body can just decorate their smartphone or tablet’s home screen through unique ideas as per their choice.

Beautiful Widgets Pro - screenshot

Beautiful Widgets Pro – screenshot

The Beautiful Widgets provides lots of gadgets which we need to use in our everyday life. There are so many animations available with different color schemes. User can selected from various widgets like Clock, Toggle Wi-Fi and weather widgets. As per the person, choices changes that is why we are getting more than 2000 different themes.

So that everybody can have their favorite themes with their favorite colors available in them. Also with all these features, there are  more functionalities available which can be just unlocked inside this Beautiful Widgets app.

As per various widgets there are interesting visual styles as well as themes available. Like, there are various moon phases which changes every-night as per the date and day. Along with the moon phases, Sun phases are also available as per the weather, there are various sun visuals. All these sun and moon visuals makes the home screen to look stunning.

There are Hours and Minutes styles through some separate styles. All these themes are available, which can be downloaded and there is no limit to download the themes. So we can download all of our favorite themes. Also other than these themes, use can set their favorite gadgets and all the other settings, manually.

There are some of the other functionalities added like Bluetooth, Silent, Timed Silent, Advanced Notification Bar, Brightness, GPS and some more. Also there are some of the different themes available which contains all these features, so if we are okay with these themes, then get it otherwise manual settings are just a click away. Here is the link to download this amazing app:

Here: To Download Beautiful Widgets For Free

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