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Best Free Games for Android Devices

Best Android Games for Android Devices

Android devices come with full packet of fun and entertainment. Being an open OS, many games have been developed so far for Android. While most of the games are available for free, many of them want you to make investment on it.

Few days back, I decided to download some cool games for my Android device. I was shocked to see a huge-huge list of games in the Google Play. The long list of games made it tough for me to select the best ones. Therefore I decided to write about the best free games for Android so that no one has to suffer from the frustration which I had. So let’s have a look at the list.
Best Free Games for Android Devices

Best Free Games for Android Devices

Best Android Tablet Game: World War

What will be the scene if 3rd World War occurs? You can enter into the virtual image of World War 3 by playing this awesome game on your Android. This game is played online and you are required to defeat other countries and to come up as super power. You are equipped with modern deadly weapons and so your enemies are. The war of deadly weapons creates a deadly environment where only cries can be heard, only blood can be seen all over.

Top Android Game: Draw Something

Awake the painter from the inner core of your heart by playing this game. You can draw any random figure that comes in your mind. You can draw anything randomly and can ask your friends to guess it. It will create environment of puzzle and excitement. You and your friends can’t stop laughing over the funny answers coming from your friends. Moreover, you can share your funny creativity with your friends and can set puzzle there as well. Friend with the correct answer will get rewarded with points.

Mouse Trap

Your cute little mouse has got trapped and you need to find the way to escape by pulling the heavy blocks here and there. The game sounds simple to play but it’s not so. The blocks can be moved to any direction and any wrong move will result in your loss. During the play, you keep coming across coins by which you can unlock the bonuses. The difficulty of game increases as move on to next levels.

Games for Android Devices: Angry Birds

This evergreen game claiming its place in this list as well. Angry Birds is really a house of fun. The game looks simple to play, but it’s hard to master. You need to aim the shot at red pigs with your angry birds. The game comes with many levels and of course, the difficulty of game keep increasing as we move on to next levels. The free version of the game comes with ads that you can remove by buying the game.

Your Android has potential to keep you entertained for the whole. Just the need is to pick the right games. I hope this article will help you in selecting the perfect games to be installed on your Android device that will enhance your fun with it.

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