Best Jquery slider free download, Top 10 sliders

The jquery is one of the best programming language to build an effective image slider to make your website ultra modern amazing look. Just one Jquery slider makes your website eye catching and different to other simple websites.

If you have your own blog or website and want to do something different and unique than just install free jqeury sliders on your site’s homepage with amazing photos.

Website designing is most important part of the website development and It is one type of challenge for every programmer to design every time unique and different looking websites. It’s always to be a difficult to think about various designs and make a look like users says “Wow Amazing !” After visiting your site. 🙂

You don’t need too core programming knowledge for just installing pre-build sliders on your website. You just need basic knowledge of PHP, Javascript, html or whatever your site built in which language. Here I will teach you how to install jquery slider at the last of this article.

So, if you are not a programming master like me 🙂 and don’t have complete knowledge of website designing then you just have an option which I am using. Just install free pre-build jquery sliders in your website by putting some line javascript codes in your homepage division.

Here, I have top 10 free jquery sliders  for you and these are the best sliders for making a website more functional and effective graphical. Just check it below, choose your favorite slider design and download it free to click on to download link.

Top 10 Best jQuery Slider Free Download:

1) Rotating Image jQuery Sliders free

Rotating Image jQuery Sliders
Rotating Image jQuery Sliders

Rotating image sliders amazing for photography of modeling websites. It’s rotate the image by javascript with effective movements. VIEW DEMO Or Click here to free download this slider.

2) Simple Basic Jquery Slider:

simple basis slider
Simple Basis Slider

If you want to create your website design simple but users eye catching then use this basic jqeury slider. VIEW DEMO or DOWNLOAD free.

 3) Likno Web Scroller Slider:

likno web scroller slider
Likno web scroller slider

Likno web scroller jquery slider is provide horizontal image scrolls. It’s mostly used for movie, songs and wallpapers likes websites. VIEW DEMO and installation process of this slider or just CLICK HERE to free Download from direct link.

4) Camera Javascript Slider:

camera slider
Camera slider

Demo | Download

5) Fotorama

Fotorama Jquery Slider
Fotorama Jquery Slider

Fotorama is amazing designed slider by for who are having so many photos to display their products. Get this slider from here: FOTORAMAJS

6) Galary Item JS slider:

Galary item JS slider
Galary item JS slider

If you want to compare so many JS sliders Galary Item JS then you will definitely chose this item for your website. This is the best for fashion, modeling or entertainment websites. Get this JS slider from here: DEMO | DOWNLOAD

7) Full Screen Responsive Rslider:

Responsive RSlider
Responsive RSlider

View Demo | Get JS Source

8) Bubble Slideshow Effect Javascript Slider

Bubble Slideshow Effect
Bubble Slideshow Effect

This is the Bubble Slideshow effects javascript/jquery slider that effect the images like bubbles in motion. Get it from here: Download Source

9) Simple Multi Item image:

simple multi item image slider
simple multi item image slider

Free download Simple multi item image slider from here : Download link

10) Thumbnails Navigation Gallery

Thumbnails Navigation Gallery
Thumbnails Navigation Gallery

Thumbnails Navigation Gallery slider has really amazing looks to make any website creative and most popular. It’s very popular JS slider then others. Get free Javascript source of this slider from this Download Link.

How to install Jquery sliders in my website ?

Jquery slider installation process is not a big deal. Actually the Jquery is not an installation   method, it’s just to create a part/division in your index.html or index.php file where you can put whole downloaded source directly by just copy and paste it.

So, first you just need to find the place on your website where you want to put that your downloaded slider Jquery source which provides by slider maker website.

If you are using wordpress CMS instead of static manually created site for your website design and installed free or premium WP theme, then you can install JS directly by free slider plugin of wordpress. If you are using other CMS like Blogger, Juecy Web or any other then you have to put it manually by making division in your homepage. You can find it on the particular slider maker’s official website to  how actually plug your Javascript with your pre-built index code.

If you having any query about the slider installation then just feel free to comment here to get reply from us. Just keep visiting the site and share this article if you really loved it. 🙂

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