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Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts Popular Book review

Book review Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts

Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts Popular Book review

A good book is a treat to the readers, while a bad book affects the fan base of any author. Plenty of good books have millions of fans and critics as well. Critics are necessary for any author, as they point out the drawbacks of the book and helps in learning from his or her mistakes. A good book review can attract the prospective reader and can create a good fan-base for the author making him or her famous.

About the Author Nora Roberts:


The Book Whiskey Beach is authored by Nora Roberts, originally known as Eleanor Marie Robertson. Nora was born as a single girl child in Maryland, USA with Irish bloodlines on 10th of October, 1950. Being a daughter of passionate readers, Nora was familiar with books from her early age. In 1968, Nora got married but the marriage ended up resulting in divorce in January 1985. Her first book Irish Thoroughbred published in 1981, and since then, Nora never looked back. She founded Romance Writers in America (RWA) and is an active member of several writers’ groups.

About the Book Whiskey Beach:

Whiskey Beach

Eli Landon is a lawyer based in Boston who was accused of murdering his wife, who was soon to be divorced. The case, however, was dismissed because of lack of the evidences, but coasted heavily on his career, reputation and life. He wants to go away from everything and finds his perfect escapade to Whiskey Beach, Mass. His ancestral home Bluff House stands there for more than 300 years where a mystery of betrayal, death and treasure is waiting to be told. Eli has a challenge to heal from the torment, but has to look after the house too as he promised his ailing and now recovering grandmother.

Abra Walsh is a caretaker of Eli’s grandmother and looks after the Bluff House as well. She was once a big name in Washington DC, but left everything and came to Whiskey Beach to become an all-in-one maid, massage therapist, jewelry maker, cook, jewelry maker and yoga instructor, and ended up becoming a caretaker of Bluff House. The place was her escapade as well and she chose Whiskey Beach to get rid of her ordeal and recover.

With an interesting startup, the book takes us to a story full of thrilling experiences and romantic moments. This book is a treat for Nora Robert fans, who really admire every book written by her. However, the story moves with little bumps and knocks, and the pace is quite slow. There is no denying fact that Nora Roberts’s book is always a ‘good read’, and someone having an interest in romantic thriller will surely keep this book on the top of their list.

The book takes time to explain Eli’s problems and Abra’s past, but though slow-paced, the book eventually flows amidst the interesting storylines and takes the readers towards the climax and eventually towards an interesting end. The vintage charm of the characters is quite noticeable. The book can therefore be called as interesting to read for any reader and a treat for Nora’s Fans indeed.

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