California ADOPT-215 form download Adoption Order Form

California ADOPT-215 Adoption Order Form

The process of adopting a child is not that complicated as it looks to everyone. It is a very wonderful way to ensure that the child is getting good care and love. Just imagine that your stepchild is in a situation where he/she needs adoption, regardless of the issues, you now have the apt information of how to do so.

California ADOPT-21 Adoption Order Form
California ADOPT-21 Adoption Order Form

After filling up all the legal forms related to adoption, the court announces its final judgment. The judge can ask any type of questions to the parents about their home, income, and mindset.

In addition to all this, for completing the final adoption, an adoption order form called Adopt- 215 is completed. This form needs the signature by the judge, if he agrees to the adoption. In this form, the judge gives his opinion and consent to the adoption.

Moreover, if the child is 12 years old or older than that, then he/she must also sign and give their consent to the consent. The parties that need to be present at the time of final announcement of the adoption process are the parents who are adopting the child, the adoptee, the adoptee’s real parents, judge, and the social worker who is responsible for placing the child in right hands.

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