California ADOPT-310 Contact after Adoption Agreement form

California ADOPT-310 Contact after Adoption Agreement form

When considering an adoptive family for a child, the agencies and courts main concern is acting in the child’s best interests. Some states, including California, still use this reason to accept adoption request of different couples or same sex couples.

However, the primary interest is to find a parent or parents who can comfortably afford to provide for the child, all the best things he has always desired for like good education, love, loving family, happiness, etc. In case of a single parent, the agency will want to sure that the individual has a substantial and reliable income that can cover and fulfill the child’s needs.

In addition, after completing the adoption process, the parents need to sign an adoption from called Adopt – 310 stating the persons who can contacted in case of emergency for the child. This form is an agreement, which contains all the contact details and database of the people who are desired to remain in contact with the child.

If the prospective parent can show that, the child is in good health, and is young enough that she or he will be able to work while raising the child, and then there is a good chance of being considered as an adoptive parent.

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