California ADOPT-320 form Download

California ADOPT-320 form for free

In the state of California, any adult person can adopt another younger person as long as the person adopting the child is at least ten (10) years older. An adoption changes the legal rights of the adoptive parent and the adoptee. It does not serve the existing relationship of the child with his/her biological parents. The legal status of the adoption helps in deciding whether the child is ready for the adoption or not.

After taking all the decisions related to adoption, courts in California gets a form signed called Adopt – 320. This form is an answer to the end of contact after adoption. This form states the child who is being adopted will not be in contact with his/her biological parents or whosoever.

Often, in a stepparent situation, when a legal parent’s right cannot be terminated nor consent obtained, the parties wait until the minor turn 18 and proceed with an adult adoption, which is much quicker and less expensive than adopting a minor. However, until then this form acts as a major source to let the new parent-child relationship built and able to mature the seeds of love and understanding between them.

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