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How to check DND status

Hey friends! Today here we are with one of the most satisfactory tutorial about how to check DND status and its regulations. In the year 2007 TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) bring in National Do Not Call better known as DND (Do Not Disturb) so as to eradicated unwanted calls to the customers  from service providers promoting their products or goods through calls and SMS’s. But this idea of TRAI failed and in the year 2011 they came with a new research of inclusion of the landline or mobile number on NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register).

DND Check- DND Status:

DND ( Do Not Disturb) is a need of an art now a days for each and every individual who had passed from the trauma in which he or she receives a call from any service providers like insurance companies, credit card offers etc in between a very important meeting or even while driving also.

These service providers are not customer centric at all. It has been and faced by individuals that once they disconnect the call while sitting in for some important engagements these service providers keep on calling continuously without stoppage until and unless one picks up there call and answers.


  1. < START 0> for Fully blocking; no commercial SMS And Voice call.
  2. < START 1> for Banking/Insurance/Financial Products/Credit Cards
  3. < START 2> for Real Estate
  4. < START 3> for Education
  5. < START 4> for Health
  6. < START 5> for Consumer goods and automobiles
  7. < START 6> for Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT
  8. < START 7> for Tourism

None of the service providers would want their customer to register or to subscribe DND service on their number as this will affect their business in terms of making money through advertisements by SMS’s.


  1. < STOP 0> for Fully unblocking; you will receive all commercial SMS And Voice call.
  2. < STOP 1> for Banking/Insurance/Financial Products/Credit Cards
  3. < STOP 2> for Real Estate
  4. < STOP 3> for Education
  5. < STOP 4> for Health
  6. < STOP 5> for Consumer goods and automobiles
  7. < STOP 6> for Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT
  8. < STOP 7> for Tourism

The DND service has also been made somewhat complicated i.e. sometimes it also fails to work or register DND service. Lets head on towards how to check DND status after registration on:

  • Anyone who have registered themselves on DND service and wants to check the status can go on this website and check the same. If your number is included in NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register) then your status for the service is activated.
  • It your number is not registered or included with NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register) then you can call your mobile customer care number, talk to the operator and register your number in NCPR.
  • One notable thing for all the consumer’s that once you register yourself with NCPR it will not completely remove the unwanted call or SMS’s on your mobile but it will somewhat reduce them to lesser number.
  • Remember your number after registration for DND service with your mobile customer care centre will take 7 days to get included in NCPR database.
  • If the customer still receives the calls or SMS’s after checking their status which has been activated and has been included in NCPR then he or she can complaint about the same by calling to their mobile customer care department and giving them all the necessary details like the date or time and the number from which they have received the call or SMS.
  • From September 2011, all Telemarketer number’s had been started with “140” as initial digits so as to make easy for the consumer as they will know then and there by seeing the number that the call is from any service provider so they can receive or reject the call as per their wish.
  • TRAI has proposed a fine of 25,000 to 2.5 lakhs (depending on the number of complaints that has been received) on the telemarketing firms against whom complaints has been received.
  • Mobile phone subscribers who are not telemarketers can send up to 100 SMS per day as per TRAI norms.
  • The telemarketers have to deposit 10,000 which include 9000 for customer education and 1000 as registration fees with TRAI and also with this 1 Lac are deposited as security so as to be deducted whenever there is any complaint against them by any customer.
  • One notable thing for all the customer’s and also for all the telemarketer firms that commercial messages can be send from 9AM in the morning till 9PM at night.

So to check the DND status of their mobile number one can go to websites available on internet by TRAI. There one can check whether their landline number or the mobile number is included in NCPR or not. If their number is included then that means that the status is activated and he or she will not receive calls or SMS’s from the telemarketers but saying so it will not completely eradicated the unwanted calls from them but it will be somewhat lesser in number as they receiving before.

If the status is still not activated after registration of DND service then customer can complaint the same to their mobile customer care department directly and their complaint will be resolved with In 7 days from registration. These unwanted calls or SMS’s sometimes creates frustration and customers felt agitated by it. Hope the information provided above is 100% accurate as per my knowledge gathered or taken from different sources available in the market. Still having any issues regarding the same please leave a comment below.

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