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Crazy Big Truck Android Game Download APK Free Review

Android Game Crazy Big Truck Download APK Free

This amazing game Crazy Big Truck is rated in Top 10 games for some charts. Amazing and simple yet interesting game. Inside this game, there is a truck which you have to drive. You will be given some of the goods, which you have to get to the destination. So this is a very simple mission to be completed.

Crazy Big Truck

Crazy Big Truck

Some of the goods might fall on the way but that is okay, but remember you have to reach with some of the goods on you truck. So by completing this mission and by reaching with the goods, you will earn some of the points and some amazing extra rewards.

Crazy Big Truck Android Game:

How to play Crazy Big Truck Android Game:

  • Game controls – Up Arrow Key – Accelerate.
  • Left / Right Arrow Keys – Move Left / Right.
  • Down Arrow Key – Brake.

There is a rough road in this game, so you have to manage to drive carefully so that your goods do not fall down. There are some goods in your truck, and you have to get some of these goods till the destination. So it few of those goods fall down then there are no problems but be careful so that only few get down while driving. The roads are like offload, so there are some of the ups and downs on the road which might get your truck off from the road and your mission might get failed so be careful while starting the mission.

Crazy Big Truck - screenshot thumbnail

Talking about the controls of the Crazy Big Truck, you just have to tap on the Left of Right side of the display of your Smartphone to accelerate the truck. So just by tapping, it will move forward and if you stop tapping then it will stop. So as per your required speed tap on the display. For the balance of the truck just tilt your Smartphone as per you need as on Left or Right direction. So that it will get balanced and less of goods will fall down.

Also when you reach at the destination with more of goods, you will earn more of the points and will also be given extra rewards like more coins in your garage, more trucks or more wheels in your garage. And also you can earn some of the VIP cards.

Here: To Download Crazy Big Truck Android Game For Free

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