What is DND? dnd meaning

DND stands for Do Not Disturb, it is a mobile based service that is provided by Indian telecom companies to their respective users to stop all the unwanted and annoying calls/messages they receive from telemarketers, banks and many companies. This service helps you to stop all the unwanted disturbances caused by different a marketer who annoys you all the time by calling you for some services etc.

Do Not Disturb dnd
Do Not Disturb dnd

What is DND?

DND service can be activated and deactivated by both way calling or by sending SMS. Different Telecom Company like Vodafone, DOCOMO, Idea, Airtel, have their different ways to start or stop DND service.

There is a huge sector of telecom industry in India with billions of it users/subscriber that allow each and every customer and individual to have communication with each other by messaging or calling but at the same time one big problem that has to face a customer is call and messages from telemarketing companies for selling their product and services which is exasperating mostly each and every time so to Handel this problem Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI) come with particular solution know as DND services.

Features of DND:

Different telemarketing companies promotes their products by sending text messages/voice calls  as it is an easy way to interact with the customers. But often the user feels irritated and annoyed by continuous disturbance by such messages. So as to stop this annoyance DND service activation is the best option.  After you activate the DND service, all such unconcerned texts and calls will be blocked.

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