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FIFA Top Goals

FIFA Top Goals

Choosing the top soccer goals is very tough. However, one can check out the list of some great FIFA World Cup goals.
FIFA Top Goals

Carlos Alberto (Brazil)

Match: Brazil v/s Italy (4-1)

Year: 1970

This goal marked itself in the history of FIFA. It was a fitting end to the world cup winners Brazil as they swept from one end of the stadium to the other without an Italian touching the ball. Moreover, Carlos Alberto in a World Cup Finals scored this goal.

Diego Maradona (Argentina)

Match: Argentina v/s England (2-1)

Year: 1986

Many soccer fans still argue that it was one of the greatest ever goals by Maradona, as he ran over 50 years beating several English defenders around him and rounding the keeper to slot home. Maradona also scored the infamous “hand of god” goal in the same game.

Roberto Baggio (Italy)

Match: Italy v/s Czechoslovakia (2-0)

Year: 1990

Baggio was a top-class player and he went on a mazy run beating several players to slot home, a great individual goal. It was said that, “All was forgiven for that ponytail”!

Dennis Bergkamp (Holland)

Match: Holland v/s Argentina (2-1)

Year: 1998

Bergkamp always show tremendous skills and majestic control over the ball to bring it down and beat the defender in one turn before slotting home. Moreover, this goal was one of the best in his soccer career.

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