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FIFA World Cup Rankings

FIFA World
Cup Rankings

Pondering over
official football rankings, you eventually come to a point that they make no
sense for avid fans. They only make sense for FIFA itself. That sense is,
however, akin to benefit music CD vendors reap from classifying music into
rock, disco, pop, etc. as it makes it easier to sell the discs and increase the
profit. Official football World Cup rankings are aimed at gaining profit from
competitions not allowing strong and prominent teams to encounter early in the
FIFA World Cup Rankings
FIFA World Cup Rankings
Unofficial FIFArankings are much more intriguing but none of them will tell that Team A is
stronger than Team B, and that is their principal advantage. If rankings were
counted for so much, football would be unpopular and dull. The Greek and Danish
national teams would have never won the UEFA European Championship trophy.
However, everything is quite the other way in the FIFA World Cup rankings as
there is always a room for temper, circumstance, and fortune for the other

FIFA World Cup Ranking

After gathering
the results of the last four years through the FIFA’s World Cup database, the
best countries that top the ranking charts for this year are:
1.       Spain – 1485 points
2.       Germany – 1300 points
3.       Brazil – 1242 points
4.       Portugal – 1189 points
5.       Argentina – 1175 points
6.       Switzerland – 1149 points
7.       Uruguay – 1147 points
8.       Colombia – 1137 points
9.       Italy – 1104 points
10.   England – 1090 points
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