Free Joomla extensions download for 1.0,1.5,2.5,3.0,3.1.5

Download Joomla Extensions (Modules & Plugins) and give amazing looks & features your site.

Joomla is the best CMS (content management system) for developing personal website or blogs as like wordpress. It’s a free and open source framework to build an amazing websites and publishing your web page contents.

Joomla has so many components, modules and plugins (Extensions) like Facebook modules, Category Mega menu, Slide show module, Image effects, product slider, Google chart, Ajax search, Smart Slider, Followers, Tab view and so many attractive free extensions available to make it easy to use in your web pages.

Extensions are used for make your web pages features easy to use and control. It has more ability to extend the Joomla web pages. There are five types (Components, Modules, Joomla Templates, Language, and Plugins)  of extensions for making your Joomla website attractive. We are help you to provide free Joomla Modules and Plugins with this Joomla article.

There are lots of Joomla Extensions which are not free to use, it’s called premium Joomla extensions. But we have some of them at free of costs for you. You can use these premium Joomla modules free for your web pages.

Here we have some basic and premium Joomla 1.0, 1.5, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.1.5 Extensions (Modules and Plugins) developed by Joomshaper and hotthemes which you can free download from specified download link of the official website of developers.

Free Joomla Modules and Plugins

1) Joomla Social Module Extensions

joomla social module Joomla SP Social Module developed by Joomshaper and used for the social connectivity to your web pages. It is display all social links from the social website like facebook, twitter, google plus+, Vimeo etc. You can use it as you want functionally to add or remove social links manually. This is the best social plugin for Joomla get it now from the download links below.VIEW DEMO | DOWNLOAD

2) Category in Mega menu module

joomla category megamenu module

This is the Category in Mega Menu extension for Joomla, developed by Joomshaper. This joomla module is used for the display large menu categories to web pages.If you have e-commerce website or product site then you should have to use it in your site.It makes your product site amazing looks and user friendly mega view for the categories menu. Click on to live view demo to see how it display and if you really loved it then don’t forgot to download.VIEW DEMO | DOWNLOAD

3) Google Chart Module for Joomla

google chart module

This is the Google Chart extensions for Joomla which help you to use Google Chart by Google API. It is a unique module for the article, you can use more than one chart within an article with different views.It is mostly use for the defining product report as chart and graph view. So, if you have some product reports in your web pages and want to use chart as report than you should use this module.VIEW DEMO | DOWNLOAD

4) Next Generation Content & Image Slider

image slider joomla extension

The Next Generation Content & Image Slider Joomla module is made for the make your image gallery sliding effect to your web page. It is also developed by Joomshaper.If your website have a lots of images and image gallery then you should have to use this Joomla module and make it attractive.VIEW DEMO | DOWNLOAD

5) Next Generation Content & Image Slider

google map module

The Google Map Joomla module is made for the viewing map of particular location. This is the lightest, simplest and most usable module for show your location map.You can edit height and width, specify your map types etc from admin option of this map extension. Use this module to show your company locations for your visitors.VIEW DEMO | DOWNLOAD

6) Next Generation Content Tab 

next generation content tab module

The Next Generation Content Tab Joomla module is use for show your popular posts or resent posts as tab view. It is also developed by Joomshaper. It is a fully customized and most powerful tab module of Joomla. This module has 3 colors best content presentation for your visitors. So, check it out live demo to just click on link below.VIEW DEMO | DOWNLOAD

7) Free Virtuemart AJAX Search Extension 

free virtuemart ajax search module

This is the Best free Virtuemart Ajax Search Module for joomla to use virtuemart product search. The functionality of this module is to display particular category product suggestions while you searching.Get this joomla extension from below download link and make your e-commerce site more attractive and user friendly.VIEW DEMO | DOWNLOAD

8) Free Best Comment Plugin 

free comment plugin

This is the best free comment plugin for Joomla site to install in your website and get Facebook comment moderation tool functionality. Basically the plugin developed based on comment engine tool to you use it as comment box features for Joomla. So, don’t miss to get it free from download link.VIEW DEMO | DOWNLOAD

9) Free SP Social Share Plugin for Joomla

free social share plugin

So, you need a free social plugin that use to lightweight and flexible then you should have to use this SP social share plugin for your web.The SP social share plugin has amazing features to share your Joomla contents with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Digg, etc. Check out the real demo and get it free from the below links.VIEW DEMO | DOWNLOAD

10) Lightweight free Image Gallery Module 

free image gallery module

Here is an awesome lightweight Image Gallery module which you can use for the best image views and gives amazing look your website.The module is also developed by Joomshaper and based on Image Gallery features and functionalities.  It’s create thumbnail gallery automatically and gives fast loading capacity to your images.


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