how to get form 16 online fill form 16 online submission

how to get form 16 online

To download the Form 16 an individual need below mention things to download this Form online:

–          The detail information about any of single challan for the current year quarter.

–          Individual TAN registered online.

–          The interim receipt of the quarter of which the forms are to be downloaded.

–          The detail about the deductee (PAN No. & amount) of current quarter.

After having all the above things we have to login to the site and a new page will pop up with various type and list of option on the screen.

From all that option, on the left hand side of the home page an option will visible “TAN Account” click on that option and click on “Submit” button which is bellow the list.

how to fill form 16:

Now, after submitting new page will open about login information were we have to fill detail about user ID, Password and TAN which were given to you at time of registration and then click “submit”.

New page will be appeared on the screen and in middle of the screen the number will be display of defaults in the return submitted by personal throughout the year. On the same page there is an option of TDS certificate will be visible just click on it and option will be pop up with different option from that select the option “Request Form 16”. Afterward enter the token number (Token number is visible on the top most side of receipt generated on filling of TDS return at Karvy) of any quarter for the required financial year, then select Financial year and click on Submit button.

Now you have to enter BSR amount, code, date and challan series number of any of the challan of fourth quarter. Then enter 3 deductee record if the number of deductees are more than 3 or not you have to enter all. Now click on send button to complete request of form 16.

Form 16 online submission

Thereafter new page will be available on the screen with various option from which we have to select download button and new menu will pop up with option from which click on “View status/Download all” now on the same moment your requested Form 16 is file. Then click on “click here to download” new dialog box will open in which it is written that it need password to open the file when it downloaded, click on ok button visible on that dialog box after which zip file will be open with file, right-click on the file and click on button EXTRACT then select the place where you want to extract the file. Now dialog box will pop up asking the password to extract the file (Password is 12 digit TAN registration number which is generated on online registration of TAN).

The file which is extracted is in text format and hence it has to be converted into PDF format by using PDF converter utility. After converting it into pdf format you will have Form 16.

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