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How To Build Links For More Visitors

How To Build Links

How To Build Links

To get success with your blog, you need immense amount of traffic on your blog which you can’t get without the help of search engines. The competition is tough, so one has to work very hard to get his/her blog on the first page of search results. SEO is what we need to do to make our blog shine on the first page of search results for targeted keywords.

Link Building is one of the most important aspects of SEO. If the word ‘Link Building’ seems to be puzzling to you, then I am sure it’s not going to be the same after reading this post. So let’s have a look at it.

Guest Posting

This is the best ongoing method to build links. Guest posting can be helpful to bring quality of backlinks to your blog. But you need to have good skills in English to build links to your blog. You need to impress the blog owner with your article’s quality so that he/she accepts your article and give you links to your blog as a reward.


You can also try this to build backlinks to your blog. Commenting is a good way to get links. But nowadays blog owners are more serious about the comments and approve comments manually. So before commenting, you should make sure that your comment is related to the topic of the article. Also you should check out that whether the blog on which you are going to comment is DoFollow or NoFollow. Moreover, the commenting does take less time as compared to guest posting.

Submit Your Blog To Directories

Another effective method to get links to your blog is by submitting it to article directories. You can submit your blog to article directories and can build high quality link. You can find thousands of article directories with a simple search in Google. This is one of the oldest and best method to build links for your blog.

Link Exchange

It’s another good method to build links. This method involves a link exchange with other webmasters. Well, this method is highly risky and should be used in an appropriate ratio otherwise you will have to get penalized by Google.

Paid Links

Blogging may be a passion for you but in real terms and its condition as of now, it’s not less than business. In business you need to make the investment. Similar is the case with blogging. Paid links can be a good choice for those bloggers who want everything to be done without at the cost of hard work but at the cost of a few bucks. If you are also one of those, then you can find numerous online SEO companies offering you paid high quality backlinks at cheaper rate. But you should be careful while opting for any company as this field is full of spam. Make sure that you are going to be a victim of it.

Link Building is important for SEO. Without it, you can’t get traffic to your blog. Of course, without readers, all your efforts are a waste.

What you think guys Which are the Best Methods right now more explorer Gives to your Sites ?


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  1. Previously i came to read an article, in that they quoted that Google may penalize for getting paid links. Is that true?

  2. ya , but make that paid link natural so not penalize your site if your budget is good than goon because in paid link you got some high quality links which not possible in free.

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