How to DND registration, activation and deactivation

How to DND registration, activation and deactivation

Many people now-a-days are in search for DND registration, activation and deactivation but are not sure about the method which they need to follow in order to avail these services. DND better known as “Do Not Disturb” is a service given by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to its customers so as to get free from this unwanted calls and SMS’s from Telemarketers promoting their goods and services.  We are here today with our readers to discuss in brief about “How to DND registration, activation and deactivation” so you can easily understand and follow accordingly.

DND registration:

There are number of modes by which one gets exempted from these unwanted call and SMS’s which are as follows:

  • By calling at IVR (Interactive Voice Response) toll free number 1909.
  • By SMS at the same number that is 1909 with Type <START 0> in the body of the Message. This is for Activation of DND service. This is fully block DND service.
  • By SMS at 1909 and Type <STOP 0> in the body of the message. This is to deactivate the DND service. But deactivating the services means that you will start receiving the unwanted call and SMSs from all those service providers from whom you were receiving before. This is also fully block DND service.
  • In Partially block DND service those categories will get blocked against whom you have registered or applied for the service to get activated else all the other categories will levied from getting blocked by the activation of the service therefore you will keep on getting calls and SMSs from those one’s.
  • One notable thing is that all requested will be affected within 7 days from the day of registration.
  • TRAI has divided Telemarketer firms into different categories so as the customer can partial block them as per their convenience which are as follows:
  1. Real  Estate Telemarketing
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Consumer automobiles and goods
  5. Communication/IT/Broadcasting/Entertainment
  6. Leisure and Tourism
  7. Financial Products/Banking/Credit Cards/Insurance

Thus if the consumer want to stop any particular category then he or she can do so with total ease and as per their convenience. With above list of category given there is corresponding number attached with them like 1 defines Banking/Financial Products/Credit cards/Insurance, 2 defines Real Estate likewise others in the list so as if the consumer wants to stop SMSs and call from let’s say Education then he or she can send the SMSs at 1909 Type <STOP 3> in the body of the message.

DND Activation:

There are some Key points to remember with DND registration which are as follows:

  • DND (NCPR) cannot block your bank SMSs, Online booking, bank communications as these are not promotional techniques in any ways and also this utmost important to the consumer point of view.
  • It takes at least 7 days to stop unwanted calls and SMSs from the date of your registration.
  • Calls and messages at 1909 is toll free as per TRAI norms and the customer doesn’t need to pay anything for it.
  • To apply for a new DND request you should have at least 3 months of time before the previous request registered by you.
  • You can anytime De-activate the DND service by SMSs at 1909 TYPE <STOP 0> in the message body.
  • The chances of getting SMSs or calls from these Telemarketers are almost zero not exactly zero after registering with NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register).
  • This kind of activation and de-activation is all the same for MTNL, Airtel, Reliance communication, MTS India, Tata Indicom etc.

DND Deactivation:

To more about partial block category see the examples below:

  • You can send SMS at <START 1> to 1909 to block SMSs from Banking-Insurance –Financial Products and Credit cards.
  • You can send SMS at <START 2> to 1909 to block SMS from Real Estate.
  • Send SMS at <START 5> to 1909 to block SMS from Consumer Goods and Automobiles Telemarketers.
  • You can also send message as <Start 4> to 1909 to stop SMSs from Health.
  • Send SMS at <START 6> to 1909 to block Communication, Broadcasting, Entertainment and IT.
  • You can also send SMS at <START 7> to 1909 to block SMSs from Tourism and Leisure.

Thus from above details about DND registration, activation and deactivation we can include that it is necessity in today’s world of stress for work and everything that this DND service should be used by everyone as per their convenience and requirement. As seen by us before that these unwanted calls and SMSs are quite frustrating when one is totally engaged with his or her work. Keeping in mind the requirements of the customer TRAI has provided them with fully and or partially use of DND service.

The Customer at any given time could complaint at their mobile customer care department for activation or deactivation or for any other grievances related to DND service. We hope that the information provided by us is helpful to you in many ways so as we also get motivated to provide you with more advance and updated information in future.

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