How to enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer(IE) 6,7,8,9,10 ? | Microsoft Windows IE

JavaScript is a scripting programming language to use some extra functionalities in our websites or specific web page. In the current Internet world, almost websites are using the JavaScript for their new functionalities that makes web pages functional. So, If we want to see that web page’s functionalities or some content which made by JavaScript then we must have to enable JavaScript in our web browser.

So, the question is, How you can enable or disable JavaScript in a web browser ? or How do I enable or disable JavaScript in my Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer(IE) version 7, 8 ,9 or 10, and other web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera V 10, Mozilla Firefox all version, Apple Safari etc. ?

Here is all the instructions of how you can enable or disable JavaScript in your all web browsers with all the steps. Just follow instructions:


1) Open your Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer(IE) browser and go to the Tools drop down menu at the top right corner and click on to last option Internet Options menu.

2) In the Internet Options, select Security tab from above all tabs.

3) In Security tab, you can see Earth Internet Icon. Click on it.

4) After goes to the Earth Icon, select the Custom Level … button.

5) After the clicking on Custom Level button, Security Setting – Internet Zone box will open. In that, go to the Scripting options.

6) In the Scripting options, Enable scripting and press OK under the Activate Scripting option.

7) Then you will get the Windows Confirmation Warning ! Box which says “Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone?”.  In that box, click on to Yes button to proceed next process.

8) Click on to OK button to close Internet Options window. Ok Done it !. Just Refresh your browser to run your web page and use enabled JavaScript functions.

google chrome logo

1) Open your Google Chrome (Any version) browser and go to the Customize and Control Google Chrome icon at the right top corner of the address bar (Below red close icon of the browser).

2) In that drop down menu, select Setting button. (In old version of chrome go to the Options >> Under the Hood)

3) Under the Setting window, click on to the Show Advanced Setting button at the bottom of the box.

4) You can see Content Setting button below the Privacy details. Click on it to enable/disable content of the web page.

5) Select JavaScript from the left menu of the window. Enable/Select “Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)” radio button.

6) Close all windows dialog boxes by clicking on to Close button at the bottom of pop up dialogs.

7) Reload your web page or web site tab to see content changes.

mozilla firefox logo

1) Open your Mozilla Firefox (Any Version) web browser, click on to the Firefox/Tools menu at left top corner of the browser

2) Select Options menu from the drop down tools menu.

3) Select the Content tab from above window tabs.

4) Click to the radio button form the Web Content category and Enable/disable JavaScript check-box.

5) Click on to the OK button at the right bottom corner of the opened Windows Options box.

6) Close the box and done it. Refresh or reload your web page to check your JavaScript functionalities.

apple safari browser logo

1) Open your Apple Safari web browser and Select the Edit options from the top browser menu.

2) Under the Edit drop down menu, select Preferences.

3) Then go to the Security Tab in preferences.

4) Mark Enable JavaScript check box option in the Web Content option under the security tab.

5) Close all the pop up windows and refresh your web pages.

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