How to make pen drive bootable? | USB bootable software

If you are searching to make your USB pen drive bootable software, utility or cmd ways then you are now correct place for getting perfect solution of your question.

There are so many websites available at search engine when you have searching your question for make your pen drive bootable. But you have got the some confusion when you actually try to make your usb bootable by reading solution steps. There are many websites provides you to boot your pen drive by using CMD (Command Prompt) but it’s make some confusion about the commands which you need to run in CMD. Some times, it’s corrupt your pen drive if you couldn’t run all command properly. So, I would suggest you to please use the following method.

Here I have find the easiest ways which definitely help you to make your USB or pen drive bootable for installing Windows 7, Windows 8 without making image file of CD/DVD. You can just install your Windows Operating Systems by your USB drive.

Boot by using Win to Flash Software:

This is the easiest way I have ever using for installing my win 7 or win 8. When you want to install new windows OS (7 or 8) in your computer/laptops/PC then you just need to one blank pen drive. Just follow the steps below.

  • First you just find your blank USB pen drive which is having proper storage space for complete OS file which you want to install it.
  • Confirm that you have complete Windows OS installation file in your current existing OS.
  • Download WinToFlash from official website of Microsoft store.  Get it directly from here: Download Link (Latest fastest version 0.7.0057 beta)
  • After downloading zip file of WinToFlash, abstract the complete zip file. Find WinToFlash.exe file in the folder and run execute file by double click on it.

You have got this first screen:

first screen wintoflash

  • Click on to Green Right Logo

Second Screen

second screen wintoflash

  • Click to Next button without clicking on any options.

Third Screen

Third Screen Wintoflash

  • First click to SELECT button of Windows file path and browse your Windows OS file from your computer.
  • Click to second SELECT button of USB drive and select that USB pen drive which you want make bootable.
  • Again click to NEXT button.
  • Please hold on till complete 100% of green processing bar after clicking on to next button.
  • After completing of 100% process, click to FINISH button.
  • Done 🙂 Your pen drive is now bootable. You can use it for install Windows Operation System in your computer/laptop.

If you having any questions or any thing problems during boot your pen drive, then please feel free to comment here of your question. We will gives you instant solutions. Thanks to read and enjoy to install your new OS.

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