How to use Pen Tool in Illustrator and Photoshop | Tutorial

Hello designer ๐Ÿ™‚

Confused with how to use Pen Tool on Illustrator ? you’re on a right place let me guide through it.ย I have a tutorial for beginner designers who actually don’t know how to use Pen Tool in Adobe illustrator and Photoshop. You will be a master in pen tool by following this tutorial which completely guides you in each point.

Adobe provides many designing software to help us to make amazing designs like logos, graphics, flyers, brochures, T-shirt designs, web designs and other 2D and 3D designs. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are most usable software for logo designs and vector graphics design.

Enough of talking and lets start working on pen tool of illustrator which has very similarity with the Photoshop. Letsย ride the illustrator CS6 with pen tools.

Step 1) Introduction of Pen Tools

introduction of pentool

As you can see in above image, there are 4(Four) types of tools available in Pen tool.

First is main Pen Tool(P) which you have to use to draw actual design and curves.

Second is Add Anchor Point Tool(+) which you have to use for adding anchor points in Pre-built designs.

Third is Delete Anchor Point Tool(-) which is used for deleting anchor points from vector shapes.

Forth is Convert Anchor Point Tool(Shift+C), which is used for converting any anchor points from curve to straight or straight to curve path.

Step 2) Use of first Pen Tool

first pen tool

You can create amazing shapes by using first pen tool (P) as you can see in above image. It defines how you can makes and turn your paths by pen tool.

Step 3) Use of Add anchor point tool

add anchor point tool

You can add anchor points by using add anchor point tool (+) as you can see in above image where I have added two anchor point in my path for making some extra shape as like below image.

direct selection tool

If you want to change any path shapes by using anchor points, you need to use Direct Selection Tool (A) to move any path shapes as like above image. You can see what and how path changed by comparing above two images.

Step 4) Delete Anchor Point (-)

delete anchor point tool

You can delete anchor points by third tool using Delete Anchor Point Tool (-) as I have deleted in my design and changed has been made like above image. Just select Delete anchor point tool and click on that anchor point which you want to delete.

Step 5) Convert Anchor Point (Shift+C)

convert anchor point

Select forth option tool from pen tool and just click on to anchor point which you want to convert curve to straight or straight to curve. Here I have converted my curve path line to straight. You can see in above image, what happened if you are used to convert anchor point tool.

So, the pen tools are just simple to use but you to need practice on first pen tool by making some different shapes like characters, abstracts etc. In Adobe Photoshop, all pen tools are same as in Illustrator, so don’t worry about that. Just follow this images and steps to create shapes in Photoshop also as like Illustrator.

I hope you enjoy this article and may help you to improve your design skill and create your design projects easy to made. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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