how to use shape builder tool in illustrator to create complex designs

So, you are going to make some different, creative, unique and complex design but it makes confused you to how actually will create complex design by just using Shape Builder tool in illustrator CS5 or CS6. Is it possible ? Yeah definitely. 🙂 Say get lost to your confusion and draw your design with me and this tutorial which completely guide you how to use shape builder tool. Follow each step of this illustrator tutorial and make it easy to use your shape builder tool.

Introduction of Shape Builder Tool

introduction of shape builder tool

In above image, you can see the symbol of Shape Builder Tool (Shift+M) where you select to use this tool.

There are 3 types of options Live Paint Bucket (K) and Live Paint Selection Tool (Shift+L) including shape builder tool. Basically the shape builder tool is used to combine or grouped to any shapes or designs which has different paths to each others. You can make single path of two different shape by using this amazing shape builder tool.

Creating Shapes

create two round shape

Select Ellipse tool (L) and draw two circles like above image. (note: when you creating such type of circles or squares, press Shift key with them to make it in exact scale).

Now we will merge those two circle by using shape builder tool (Shift+M). Look at the below image which show you how can you merge.

use shape builder tool to merge circle

Select both circles using Selection tool (V) >> Select Shape Builder Tool and just click on that part which you want to remove as you see in above picture where we are removing both circle’s merged part.

Remove Paths

remove paths

After clicking on that part which you want to remove by using shape builder tool >> again select both circles >> press Alt + Click to path which you want to remove (you can see red path when you put the cursor on it only when you pressed alt with). Perform this operation for both paths.

In above picture you can see the shapes 2 & 3 getting after performing operations I have showing just previously above.

Join Paths

join paths

object to path join

After removing such paths we need to join both circles path’s anchor point by using lasso tool.

Select Lasso Tool(Q) and make circle on that path you want to join (as you see in second above picture) >> Go to Object Menu >> Path >> Join (Ctrl+J).

Perform all operation again

operation perform again

Copy and paste that shape which you created and rotate it 90 degree left >> put it in perfect scale as like above screenshot.

Perform all the operations of merging shapes, removing paths, join paths for this second shape. You will get another grouped shape design like above.

Do it again all the operation till the second shape and create complete shape like below picture.

complete shape1

Make it colorful to complete your complex Illustrator designs

complex designs

Now convert your creative, unique and complex mind way to different shapes in illustrator by using shape builder tool.

Hope you loved & enjoy this illustrator tutorial and may help you to creating your future designing project works. Don’t forget to share it by just clicking of below sharing buttons and help your designer friends to improve their designing skill. Just keep visiting for more tutorials.

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