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Know what your dream meanings

dream meaning teeth falling outThere so many things in this world those just feel supernatural. Things that we can never reason out, yet these are things that just happen, stuff that is meant to occur without any said explanations whatsoever. For example, take dreams, they are the voice of our subconscious is what many say. However, sometimes it becomes really difficult to analyze why our subconscious would show us stuff that we haven’t ever thought about or have never wanted. Dreams are defined two fold – First, they can be analyzed as a noun in the sense of images, thoughts and sensations that occur while a person is asleep. Second it is defined like a verb that is the very act of dreaming.

dream meaning death

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It has been quite a pressing question for a really long time now that addresses the question of why do we dream. A lot of historical importance has also been attached to the fact as to what dreams are and why do we dream. Science, history and classics, all have their own theories upon interpreting dreams. For people who really need to decipher the meaning of their dreams, here is a list of the 10 most common dreams that people have and what do they mean:

Dream meaning Being Chased – This is one of the most common dreams that people come across. That someone can be a known person or a complete stranger. Such dreams often indicate that the dreamer has been trying to avoid or evade a particular topic or a person that is why the being chased sensation.

Dream meaning Losing teeth – It might sound really bizarre but a lot of people have recurring dreams about losing their teeth. Analysis has suggested that it might be a result of an ingrained fear of being overly conscious about a particular body part. This could also mean that the dreamer is worried or concerned about the way he looks.

Dream meaning Falling – Yet another really common dream where people often picture themselves falling off cliffs, mountains, rooftops and God knows what else. Such dreams are a result of a feeling that the dreamer’s life isn’t turning out the way he wanted it to. People having depression who is not satisfied with their lives have such dreams.

dream analysis meaning

Dream meaning Water – This is one of those dreams that radiate positivity from the water is taken to be a symbol of purity and freshness. All in all, dreaming of water reflects a mind that is at peace.

Dream meaning Dying – Dying Dreams are an addition to the saga of horrifying dreams where people can often see themselves or their near and dear ones dead. Seeing oneself dead could mean the death of the old you and a new beginning of the new you. On the other hand, seeing a close one dead might mean that one wants a close to that relationship and wants to part ways with that person.

Dream meaning Snakes – Snakes are other common visitors that people have in their dreams. It is an indication that the person feels threatened on account of someone or something and needs to take care of that fact.

Dream meaning Being cheated No expert needs to interpret this dream. It is a sheer indication of a deep rooted insecurity that might be a result of jealously or like feelings.

Dream meaning Not being able to speak – This is an indication of the fact that there is something that is not letting the dreamer reach out of his goal and get what he wants.

Dream meaning Getting late – This dream presents a picture that the dreamer is really anxious about his work and is worried about what might actually surface in the times to come.

Dream meaning Celebrity – Now, this means that the individual is either obsessed with the whole cinema and celebrity thing or it was a movie or a celebrity show that he watched before dozing off to sleep.

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