Know Your PAN by Name and DOB (Date of Birth)

Know Your PAN by Name and Date of Birth (DOB). Get your PAN Number by Your Name and DOB online. Verify your PAN Number with your details at the official website.

Nowadays, each and every person required a Permanent Account Number (PAN) in business and personal financial transactions. PAN is mandatory by the Income Tax Department of India for any person who is a citizen of India and doing commercial activities like Banking, active in Stock Market, Investment in Mutual Funds, etc. So if you want to know your PAN online, just read this article carefully and follow the instructions given below:


You can know your PAN as described as follows:

  1. Go to official website at
  2. Find PAN tab on a left side of a webpage.
  3. Navigate to PAN tab and click on KNOW YOUR PAN link.
  4. Enter your Date of Birth in First box (Compulsory).
  5. Enter your Surname in Second Box in BLOCK Letters (Compulsory).
  6. Then remaining two boxes are Middle Name and First Name (Optional).
  7. Submit the details to KNOW YOUR PAN.

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