PAN Card Application Form Download

PAN Card Application Form Download

The PAN – Permanent Account Number – PAN Card is unique ID of tax payers in India for the form AAAPL1234C.

Just like any other ID Proof i.e. Driving License Card, Aadhar Card etc. PAN Card is also a unique ID Card.

PAN card
PAN card

General uses of PAN Card:

When anyone needs to open an account in any bank, paying large amount of fees, selling or purchasing assets above specific limits then under all such situations, one needs to have authenticate PAN Card.

Most importantly and widely use of PAN Card is, for identification of Financial Transactions for preventing Tax Evasion by keeping all the records of larger transactions.

For filing Income Tax Returns in India, Tax Deductions, Getting New Telephone Connection/ Mobile SIM Connection etc. also need PAN Card. Also on purchase of Foreign Currency PAN Card is required. Anyone selling or purchasing any property needs to have PAN Card. Properties include immovable properties like Vehicles; other Property etc. are included. Also while depositing/transactions in banks above 25,000/- rupees, needs a PAN Card.

Why PAN Card is required?

  1. • Opening bank account in India by any resident or non-resident Indians.
  2. • For bank deposit over Rs 50,000.
  3. • Opening demat and trading account in Indian stock market investment.
  4. • To purchase any securities more than Rs 1,00,000.
  5. • For demand drafts exceeding Rs 50,000.
  6. • Cheque deposits over Rs 50,000.
  7. • Purchase or sale of any property in India.
  8. • Purchase or sale of cars.
  9. • Payments for travel expenses more than Rs 25,000
  10. • TDS return to income tax department.

PAN Number:

Just like any Bank Account Number, PAN Number is also a unique identification number. A PAN Number mainly consist 10 Character Alpha-Numeric String – each of them showing specific details.

Once you get your PAN Card, it is valid for life-time. Although any changes in address of any user does not affect the PAN Card or its Number at all.

Details on PAN Card:

Mainly, the PAN Card is just like the size of any other ID Card like Driving License Card.

It contains Name of the User, Date of Birth, Date of Issue, Standard Sized Facial Photo of User, Hologram – Reader Sticker and Unique PAN – Permanent Account Number and Permanent Address.

That is why just like the Adhar Card; PAN Card can also be used for multiple usages for Date of Birth Proof, Address Proof, and Name Proof etc.

How to get a PAN Card:

Just like other IDs like Driving License, Passport etc. are obtained through specific procedures, for PAN there are several procedures.

What one should have to get a PAN Card?

–          2 Standard sized face photos

–          Address Proof

–          ID Proof

–          Mandatory Fees

Who to contact for getting PAN Card?

There are several agencies that help people to get PAN Card – Fresh PAN as well as Re-Issue of PAN Card. One should contact such agency of also get the PAN Card Application From through the official site.

After downloading the PAN Application Form, fill all of the mentioned details correctly, affix 2 standard sized face photos, and attach Address-ID proof.

Then pay mandatory fees as per mentioned in the form. There are several ways of paying fees like Cash, Demand Draft, Cheque etc.

After completing all of the above mentioned procedures, one need to send these documents to the following address:

“NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited,

5th Floor, Mantri Sterling,

Plot No. 341; Survey No. 997/8,

Model Colony,

Near Deep Bungalow Chowk,

Pune – 411016″

Here is the link for download PAN Card Application Form:


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