Rainmeter Clock – Rainmeter clock skin download

Rainmeter Clock – Rainmeter clock skin download
Rainmeter consist lots of tools inside it. There are many rainmeter clock skins available which make our desktop look awesome. We can download various clock skins and then install them in rainmeter.
Through the rainmeter’s official website, we can download lots of clock skins. Such skins can be customized and then we can set them. Most of all such rainmeter skins have customization options and can get our favorite features in it.

Rainmeter Clock

Clock can also be customized and also some of the frequent rainmeter users are doing several smart changes and then makes such amazing looking as well as smart clocks for rainmeter skins. You can download such amazing rainmeter clock skins from the following links.

Elegant Clock

Elegant Clock

Tributes Clock v2.1 for Rainmeter

Tributes Clock v2.1 for Rainmeter by FiiZzioN


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Rainmeter clock skin download

First, make sure you have gone through the guide on creating a simple “hello world” skin at Creating Skins so you understand how to create a .ini skin file in the Skins folder, and how to refresh Rainmeter so it sees your new entry.










In the previous tutorial, you should have already created a folder under Skins called Tutorials. We are going to add a new folder under that one to create our new skin. Under SkinsTutorials create a new folder called Clock.
In that TutorialsClock folder, create a new empty text file. In Windows explorer, you can simply right-click in the folder and say “New / Text document”. Give it the name Clock.ini being sure that the extension is .ini and not.ini.txt.
Now, left-click the Rainmeter icon in the Windows notification area on your taskbar, to open the Manage dialog. Click on the Refresh all button on the bottom left, and you should see your new Tutorials / Clock config in the list. Find Clock.ini in the list, right-click it and say “Edit”. This will open the new skin file in your default text editor. Don’t load the skin just yet, we need to add some code first…

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