Rainmeter weather Location Skin channel Code plugin tutorial

Rainmeter weather location
As we know, rainmeter provides large
collection of desktop gadgets; we can have some of such gadgets on our desktop.
There are lots of famous tools from which weather gadgets are more famous and
preferred by users. With such weather tools, one can get to know about outside
weather condition as well as can keep a look on such extreme weather
Rainmeter weather
For rainmeter weather location, we can
choose any of our favorite theme’s weather tool and can easily drag and drop it
at any corner of the desktop.

Rainmeter weather location

For setting up the weather location, simply
do the following:
Go to the tray icon and right click then
select Skins> Enigma> Options> options.ini
Here Enigma is the skin so you can see your
skin’s name in place of Enigma. Then the skin will open and you need to select
that image which looks like Sun with the cloud. And also you can set the units
in which you would like to see the temperature i.e. either Celsius or
Fahrenheit unit.

weather code for rainmeter

First, go to here: http://weather.yahoo.com/
Find the weather for your city, state, country using the “Enter City or Zip Code” field on that page.
Now you will have a new URL at the top of your browser. It will look like:
Only specific to your location instead of mine of course.
Now under “Manage” in Rainmeter (you can get to Manage from the skin or main Rainmeter context menu) find the skin “Aperture LabsAbertureWeather.ini” and click “Edit” on the top right.

Rainmeter weather skin | rainmeter weather location


In your text editor, scroll down and change:
Putting the number at the end of YOUR Yahoo Weather URL as the WeatherCode=, instead of mine… You can also change theUnit=F to Unit=C if you want Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.
Then, change this line. 
Where it has ?p=#WeatherCode#, change it to ?w=#WeatherCode#, so you end up with:
This is due to this skin using a old weather code system that Yahoo is phasing out. IF you live in the USA, you can leave the ?p=#WeatherCode# and just use your Zip Code as the WeatherCode=, but if you are outside the USA, you will need the new WOEIDmethod, and I encourage it in any case as Yahoo may eventually just do away with the old system in general.
Save and refresh the skin, and it should work fine for you.

Rainmeter weather tutorial Code:

 Tip by ChewtoyWeather.com
1. Go to http://www.weather.com
2. Search for your town and country (ie London, United Kingdom or New york, NY, United States) – When your search has given you the right location you will be taken to the page where the weather is displayed. You should now look at the URL (the address bar).
3. The URL should now look something like this:
4. The weather code is now in the URL. The part we are looking for is: UKXX0085 ( / USNY0996 )
5. Take the weather code and paste in in your skin at the appropriate place. Save. Refresh.

rainmeter weather location


rainmeter weather plugin


rainmeter weather skin


rainmeter weather radar


rainmeter weather tutorial


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