Renewal of Australian Adult passport

Renewal of Australian Adult passport:

The renewal of adult passport for Australian is simple as compared to other renewal of passport in other countries. You need to fill the online application form submit some certificates , carry out the legal procedure and your passport will be ready in some days.

You can renew the passport under the condition, if you are an aged 18 years or more and you have an adult Australian passport that, was valid for at least two years when it was issued that time and the issued date should be on or after 1 july 2000, and should be in your current name, date of birth and sex.

Australian Adult passport Renewal

The renewal process cannot be use if you cannot present your present passport at the time of renewal.

The application form for renewal of Australian passport can be filled from the link

Just in a case you are unable to complete the online form and you are currently outside Australia in some other country you can also telephone the nearest Australian Diplomatic or Consular mission the link for all the details is , you will get the pre-completed mail from the passport staff if you qualify, the mail will contain the Australian Passport Renewal Application, you can also collect the application from the office you requested. In a case if you don’t qualify, then you can complete the original full application form online from the link

Renewal of Australian Child Passport

The situation in which your passport has been lost or stolen and hence you then are not able to renew it in such a case you should complete a full adult passport application form and then attend the interview. The link for that is .

If  in such a case you are unable to complete the online form and you are still in Australia, you can still carry out telephone the link for that is The operator will carry out the checking for your eligibility and hence if you qualify, then the office will mail you an Australian passport renewal form which is pre-completed that is actually electronical using information which is held by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In a case if you do not qualify, you then have to complete the full form which is available on , you can also get the application from an .

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