Renewal of Australian Child Passport

Renewal of Australian Child Passport:

The renewal actually is not allowed in case of child’s passport, every-time when the child’s passport is expired you have to issue the all new passport for the child. The issue of a passport for child is the responsibility of parents.

The renewal form cannot be used for renewing the passport of a child, as for child’s passport every-time you need to apply for new application.

Australian Child Passport Renewal:

The child category for an Australian citizen is under 18 years of age who is unmarried and is considered as a child. The children below the 18 years age need to issue new passport after its expiry.The application for the passport issuing for the child is a responsibility of a parent. And it’s a rule that it is a parental responsibility for issuing the passport for the child. And the parent who is issuing the passport for the child must also provide his/her proof of identity. The passport for child is different from the passport for adult. So parents need to understand the passport for child is different from the their passport. So children can never be compared to adult’s passport.

For all the Australian citizens residing outside the Australia , In such a case to apply for child passport from overseas, then the parent must complete the overseas form for passport application, the link to download the form is

For normal Australia application you can download the form from .

The validity for children passport is normally for five years. After that again issue a new passport till he reaches the adult age.

The application submitted online can be track down so as to understand the exact stage of the application, which can be checked out at

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